Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.


La Risata Damansara

La Risata means ‘the laughter’. It was opened since 1999 and a 15-year reputation for good food, alongside a warm ambience.

A whatsapp message at late evening changed my plan. Wish to have Chinese Muslim or Ikea meatball but once my friend said someone is joining for dinner, I told myself not to spoil.

It was fun and fine first meeting. Anas were nice, gentleman and full of knowledge. I was so surprised he can share so many incredible yet knowledgeable facts in just 3 hours only! The way he treated we just like a brother who is taking care of his little sister. Respect! I still can remember how he put some pizza in my plate. Even my own brother won’t bother to do so.

We had Olive Tapenade as starter which was well made, a perfect topping for the fluffy bread, risotto (it’s an Italian tradition food), two type of pizzas (which you can see in the picture above) and seafood spaghetti (if I’m not mistaken). Since the girls are not good in ordering the foods so Anas lead the way. Not bad though his selection of menus. What a very sensible and considerate gentleman.

Since its dinner time and raining, the restaurant was pack and we have no other option but to had our dinner outdoor and that explain the lack of picture plus bad lighting.

Total for four persons (I think the foods we ordered can be shared with 5 or 6 persons) was RM150++. Still affordable though. Thank you for the expensive dinner and challenging trip, Anas. Haha!

128 Jalan Kasah,
Medan Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
03 2095 9572
Open Daily: Lunch 12PM – 2.30PM
                     Dinner 6.30PM - 10.30PM


Refreshing night!

Venue: Snowflakes Dataran Sunway

Thank you for the treats, friend! ^^


A quick meeting with Waniey and Rabia

It’s been awhile since my last meeting with these two beautiful girls I knew since I was thirteen.

Family portrait is a must!

We had a quick lunch at Subway before we started our shopping spree.

You don’t have to worry about photo as both of them are the queen of selfie. Haha! Although it was short but it was a nice catching up session. We should meet frequently in future babes!


A fine weekend with Lily


Lily was once my roommate during my second year degree. We rarely talk or seeing each other since she left university but one day I received phone calls from her asking me to accompany her to Lim Kok Wing University.

How could I refuse when it’s been an ages since our last meeting so Sepang off we go!

Settled her things at there, we’re off to KD. Along the journey back, she carefully asked me to follow her back to her house at KL and since I plan to stay at KD over the weekend so I accepted her offers.

Since my last meal was my breakfast, I felt damn hungry and all I wanted was sushi from Jusco. Yes, I’m a bit weird. So merata lah kita orang cari. Actually fikir which route should we take so we can go to the nearest Jusco but we end up at Jusco Wangsa Maju.

30% off! That’s the reason why I wanted Jusco’s sushi badly. Cheapskate! Haha! We were so damn hungry sampai tak tunggu sampai rumah, dekat situ juga makan. Lol :p

From Wangsa Maju to Sentul (Lili’s house), we have to masuk this area, that area. As dummy for KL’s route, I handed the battle to Lily.

A bit blur as it was taken in the moving car. I don’t know if it only me or what but every time I pass by KLCC, there’s some kind of urge to take photo of it. Do you?

We safely arrived to Lily’s around 10 or 11pm. Her dad and aunt was around but the shy me, terus masuk bilik and get ready to take bath. I know it’s rude but it was my first time meeting them and don’t know what to do. Huhu!


This was my view in the next morning. When I woke up, nobody at home except Lily and I. Lily is known as one of the last person who will wake up so I couldn’t do anything. Being a breakfast person, I was damn hungry. Nak selongkar dapur, rumah orang so what I did to accompany me was workout and watching TV before I discovered the leftover sushi and some chocolates.

Without permission, I ate the chocolate and finished the sushi. Luckily when Lily woke up, she asked me to have some of the chocolate. Nak tunggu Lily fully awake memang makan masa so I did forced her to wake up so we can have our lunch.

We had Indian cuisine for lunch. Lega perut. Haha! During this time, we keep talking and updating each other stories before we went back to Lily’s house to rest. I completely had forgotten about my assignments at this rate. I just don’t care about school anymore. Hihi!

And then a phone calls from Lily’s dad came and asking us to go to Pertama Complex to run some errands. Fine.

Jammed behind Sogo gave us some time for selfie. Haha! Since the shop they wanted to go was closed so we went to Carrefour and bought some groceries. Uncle said because I was there, they’re able to buy ingredients for cocktail and sausage roll sebab bila three peoples in the house they could not finish it all at one time. Thank you uncle! And there you go my dinner. I was totally full until I had to force myself to do some walking. Lol.

This is the view from Lily’s unit floor. Still feels satisfied even though KLCC was far away. Lol. So this is how I end my Saturday night.


My last day with Lily, nothing much we do as Lily woke up super late and everyone seems like lazy to head out but during evening, I asked Lily to bring me to The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts or Sentul Park. Orang Sentul tak tau tempat nih? Malu oii!! Haha!

The entrance.

Drama Hindustan pun bermula. Kekeke! Berguling sakan atas rumput sampai bengkak-bengkak macam kena gigit nyamuk gergasi. Lol.

My kind of place.

It was fine date not until our stomach making some noises so we drove back to Lily’s apartment as she wanted to have some chicken feet curry.

She alone can finish ‘em all! Me? Enough with roti telur. Hahah!

Thank you Lily for everything. Seriously, she's one of my friend yang mampu buat naluri ini ingin kembali ke zaman remaja, zaman yang penuh dengan keriangan mengukur jalan-jalan sekitar KL di malam hari. Rindu sangat! Sekarang bukanlah tak boleh buat lagi, boleh tapi tak sama. Huhu!