Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.


Selamat Hari Raya 2014 (part III)

Hello! Hello! Hello!

So this will be my last entry for my raya celebration and it is more to open house, raya gathering and raya visit :)

Rabia Open House (080814)

Rabia invited to her open house few days before the actual date. Bising dia kalau tak pergi so I went with Ayu. My first time ever beraya with friend this year. Haha!

I had nasi beryani (if not mistaken) with ayam masak merah, bergedil and some acar timun while Ayu had soto (if not mistaken again).

Then we had red velvet cake and chocolate cake. The foods were good, delicious sampai rasa nak tapau bawak balik tapi segan nak cakap. Haha!

Family portrait time! Benda wajib kalau berjumpa. Nothing much to talk about since Rabia was busy with her guests so after we settled down we dragged our ass out. Kalau sembang memang sampai besok pun tak habis.

Thank you Rabia for having us. Next year jemput lagi! Hihi!

Raya Gathering (090814)

It was time of the year. Baraan from kampung. As first house, our theme is breakfast so we served nasi lemak, some Malay kuih muih and beef lasagna by ehem yours truly.

As the closest cousins, we’re supposed to have a photoshoot on first day of raya but due to the circumstance we’re unable to do so and this is the only raya photo we had together. As usual, Fasiha was missing.

Then off to Bangi we go. At Maksu’s we were serve mee bandung, nasi with lauk pauk and some pudding. 

Before I end my day, we went to Cik Arah’s house at Sepang. At this rate, I was unable to have heavy food such as rice although it looks delicious. I had too much and if I keep feeding myself, I’m surely will puke.

So instead of having nasi arab or laksam, I had this bread pudding and few slices of chocolate cake. The bread pudding was damn nice and smooth, had it with vanilla sauce. Yummy!

Aten’s Open House and raya visit at Waniey’s [170814]

I received an invitation through good friend of mine, another Wani. It started around 3pm but we went there around 5pm padahal dekat jak pun. Hihi!

We were served bakso, nasi tomato, nugget, milo pudding, Zara’s birthday cake (her birthday was few day before) and some kuih raya. Since the foods were so sedap I can’t resist to taste all. Three rounds kau! Hahaha!

Thanks Aten, lepas kahwin baru merasa air tangan Aten. Hihi! And being silly me, I totally forgot about Zara’s duit raya. Boo!

At night I went to Waniey’s. Since she was unable to come to Rabia’s open house due to exam, we paid her raya visit. She served us (Rabia, Naim - Rabia’s brother and I) homemade fried spaghetti which turn out delish. Rabia tambah sampai tiga kali kot! Haha!

We just busy keep updating each other about our lives and then photoshoot time! Penat okay nak layan dorang bergambar. 100++ pictures in one hour? Gila!

I never get enough with these two beautiful ladies. They made my day with their own drama. Love them to bits! Thanks Waniey for having us that night walaupun sampai lambat.

Ili’s Open House

On the last week of raya, I was invited by Ili to her open house. Although dah penghujung Syawal, tetap rancak sana sini open house. At Ili’s we were served nasi berlauk, satay, some kuih muih and bihun lemak kuning. Serious, sedap wei!

Ili and Fana are my long lost friends while Ikin, Aza and Ika are my new friends. I had so much fun with them. Jenis selamba, semua boleh masuk I like! Thank you Ili, for having us. Next year jemputlah lagi. Haha!

I think I need to stop here first. Till we meet again!


Selamat Hari Raya 2014 (part II)

Hello! Hello! Hello!

So, this is my raya story part II. Gediks! Hahaha!

Fourth Raya (310714)

On this day, we went to Johor and Melaka to visit Uda and abah’s friends. It was totally long and super tiring day indeed but I love it. It gives me a going-back-to-kampung-for-raya’ feeling. Maklum ler, kampung dekat so sekali sekala dapat pergi kampung orang agak terujalah.

First stop, we went to abah’s foster brother. We were served fried bihun, lamb, popia and some other foods. It brings back my childhood memories. I’ve been here when I was 8 or 9 years old for his (abah’s foster brother) wedding day. So long ago!

Then we went to Uda’s at Renggit. We arrived there exactly during lunch hour so we were served lunch by Cik Ella and kids. Although it just a simple lunch but worth it. Makan pula ramai-ramai, lagilah best!

Macam-macam Cik Ella served kita orang. Keropok lekor pun ada! Hihi! Next we went to abah’s friend’s house at Parit Sulong. We’ve been here last year for a wedding and this year we were there to beraya. Long lost friend katanya.

Been looking for this bahulu gulung since first day of raya but couldn’t find it. At last, dekat Johor jugak jumpa. Jauh betul! Apa lagi, lepas rindulah. Keke!

Lastly we went to Melaka to visit Uncle Joe’s, our old neighbor. Stop by at this mosque for Maghrib, somewhere in Alor Gajah if I’m not mistaken.

At Uncle Joe’s we were served fried bihun (again). Since we arrived there quite late so we couldn’t stay longer as we wish. So that’s how I ended my KL-JB-Melaka-KL short trip.

Fifth Raya (010814)

Not going anywhere except 2 houses, a relative house and aunt’s house.

An old baju kurung and shawl and a simple make up. Lazy day, I guess. Hihi.

Sixth Raya (020814)

Arrayan and family came for raya visit. Makin sombong sekarang nih.

Anak siapalah yang sopan bersimpuh while having his lunch. Topless pula tuh! Ayyaaann!!!

Then with sudden command by my mom, Sepang off we go.

Went to Ibu Teh at Bandar Enstek Sepang. It happened that Ibu Teh was hosting an open house. Apa lagi, tumpang sekaki lah. Haha!

The only raya photo I had with them. Sobs.

Next will be raga gathering, raya visit and open houses story. Panjang sangat kekdah nya kalau nak compile every story in one entry. Till we meet again. Soon!


Selamat Hari Raya 2014

Hello! Hello! Hello!

It’s been awhile, I know. Blame the L(lazy) disease. Haha! I’ve so many things to share with and yes, I do miss blogging and writing but when the L disease strikes, nothing can beat it. Lol

So, how’s everyone? Doing well huh? How’s raya celebration? So many open house invitations yet so little time but InsyaAllah I will attend with God will.

Since this is my first entry after long hiatus, I wanna share about my raya celebration. It’s gonna be a very long entry. Nothing special happens, just a normal raya celebration with loved ones.

First Raya (280714)

As usual, this budak takde kampung will celebrate it at Shah Alam before heading to her aunt’s at Meru Klang. One reason why I dislike having my raya at my mum side on first day of Aidilfitri is less cousin and less house to visit so no raya photo with cousin this year. Sobs.

Then, we’re heading to Nenek’s. Since we arrived pretty late so no raya photo. Nih masuk tahun ketiga or keempat takde bersalaman and bermaafan ritual and raya photo with uncles, aunties and cousins. For your information, my dad own a big family so can you imagine the kemeriahan bersalaman sambil bermaafan. Oh, dan menuntut duit raya as well. I don’t get this feeling when I’m celebrating raya with my mum’s side. Sedih.

Okay, let’s cut the crap. When we arrived at kampung, Maksu’s family also just arrived and Cikmi pun tak beraya lagi but since CikPah slept so it just Maksu and my family saja beraya. The routine was still the same - Paklong’s, NekCu’s, Arwah Nek Ngah’s, Wak Roha’s, Wak Nah’s and Wak Udin’s. Had nasi ayam as my first meal of the day - tak sempat nak makan kekdahnya - at Paklong’s.

And this was my first proper raya dishes. A simple dish but it was really good as rendang was never my favourite but this rendang win! Rendang itik, mana nak dapat on first day raya? Makcik pakcik lain semua pakat masak rendang ayam atau daging.

This was before we went to the next house. That dais was there since last August if I’m not mistaken. Main reason is because nobody is ‘kind’ enough to get rid that dais so we used it as one of our prop for photoshoot. Hahaha!

The only picture I had with him this raya. Itu pun dia yang ingatkan because we have this ‘tradition’ - to take picture together because we’re 90s babies. The other four babies are gone. Haha!

Back at my Nenek’s finally. Nothing much to do except watching TV since all of them are hell exhausted so no one in good shape to joke around and as for me, I was freaking sleepy but refused to take bath. Well, I still have two more houses to visit so I'm kinda lazy to drag my ass to change.

Second last house was her house before I’m off to lalaland.

Although it passed my dinner time but I can’t refused to have this dishes and that’s how I ended my first day of raya.

Second Raya (290714)

Same routine when it comes to second day of raya - going back to Tanjung Karang.

Nothing much to do except keep eating and eating and eating till bloated. First house was my dad’s foster sister. They served nasi impit, kuah kacang, rendang, nugget and fries. Second house was Nek Nab’s and they served pecal, nasi berlauk and other menu but since I already had fried bihun for breakfast and ‘festive’ food at first house so I skipped. Third house was Nek Uda’s. Curry mee was served and thinking we’re not going to the last house (Nek Yam’s) so I’m actually forced myself to have some because I know there’s no food at home as I’ve to defrost every single thing in my mom’s magic freezer first before I can enjoy my meal which is mafan or troublesome. Haha!

The reason why we skipped the last house was because Nek Yam and Atuk had a small accident few meters from their house so we off to Hospital Sungai Buloh to visit Nek Yam. Makanya, beraya di hospital lah kita. Siap ada biskut raya lagi! Kekeke!

Third Raya (300714)

Went to Aunt’s at Petaling Jaya and Sijangkang.

Orang sibuk kutip rambutan but I don’t care. Selfie tetap kena, okay! Lol :p

My mom win! Dah pandai bila ajak selfie. Hihi.

Late evening activity. Seronok memasing masuk kebun petik buah but mosquito hates me to the max. I just stood there for about 5 minutes dah jadi santapan nyamuk. Sobs.

Came back from beraya us - big brother, baby brother and I played with the firecrackers. Anak bandar beraya, memang macam nih. Dah tuh adik beradik tak ramai. Redah jak lah. Haha!

Okay, I'm going to stop about my raya here. Will write more about it later. Night!