Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.


Movie marathon

1) Fast & Furious 6

2) Now You See Me

3) Iron Man

4) Olympus Has Fallen

5) Lari

6) Monster Of University

7) Despicable Me 2

8) White House Down

9) Pacific Rim

10) Adnan Sempit 3

In 2/3 months!

And there's a few more movies I watched but I can't recall the title. Oh, I also trying my best to catch up my long long long must-watch-kdrama. The Blade and Petal, Good Doctor, Who Are You, Mandate of Heaven, Gu Family and the list goes on. Hihi ;p


Still alive

Hi hi hiiiiii!! It's been a long time! I really miss you blog! I do but blame other social networks (esp twitter) for taking over your place. Rindu kita tak? Hiks :p Muntah.

I've been quite busy with life and stuffs. Didn't manage to steal any minute to write at least one entry :( But, I wanna scream out loud that


Are you excited dear Mr. Blog? Me too! Lol ;p But now, I gotta go. Need to settle few things before I date you again, Mr. Blog. Hiks. Lol lol