Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.


Salam Maulidur Rasul

I missed this time so much! The last time I enjoyed this when I was twelve(?).


Shocking facts!

Hey everyone ^^

Feel like wanna share some facts I got from my friend. Don't ask me where he got it but I can ensure you his facts are true based on his research. Well, did I mention that I'm really into a knowledgeable guy?! He is the one! ^^

Here some of the facts:

#Statistik kes bunuh di Malaysia, bilangan kes setiap 100,000 penduduk adalah 2.12, Hong Kong 0.26 dan Jepaun 1.09

#Statistik kes rogol di Malaysia, bilangan kes setiap 100,00 penduduk adalah 11.47, Hong Kong 1.54 dan Jepun 1.62

#Statistik rompakan di Malaysia, bilangan kes setiap 100,000 penduduk adalah 90.49, Hong Kong 17.56 dan Jepun 4.78

via - AAF

So, are you saying Malaysia is not safe anymore, bro? Kekeke :p Would love to meet you and have some argument since I have a lot to ask. Hihi

Anyway, if you're curious and want to know more, you're most welcome to like BLINDSPOT.



Menikahi orang yang kita cintai adalah suatu kemungkinan. Mencintai orang yang kita nikahi adalah suatu kewajipan.

Ustaz Azhar Idrus


Red 2 trailer

Lee Byung Hun! Definitely will catch it once it's available in the cinema ^^ 


A day fully filled with Korean stuffs

Hello everyone ^^

Location : Korea Plaza, Manara Hap Seng KL

Location : Pavilion KL

Bought this just because its HELLO KITTY ^^ 

Redeem our complimentary ticket which is 8 tickets and best thing is, it just 2 of us! Lol :D

 I missed 'US' :(

Location : Sopoong Berjaya Times Square KL

It's really hard to make decision as I really loveeee Korean foods ^^

Their squid pancake (bottom left) is really good! Love it!

Really had a great and crazy day with her, my another kpop friend a.k.a college-mate. Hihi


First day of 2013

Hello everyone ^^

Went out with beloved best friend, Ayu. As usual lah, mana ada kawan kat Shah Alam nih. Kekeke :p It suppose to be our shopping day but since orang tuh salary tak release lagi so canceled. So sadddd :(

We went for lunch at The Manhattan Subang Parade. It's been a long time since my last visit to The Manhattan. Yelah, budak allergic seafood kan, mana nak makan sangat seafood nih.

Mine was Dorry fish and chip (lite) while Ayu was Dorry fish and chip (regular). The different is, Ayu had another big piece of fish so mean, she had 2 pieces of fish lah. Since dia mengidam nak makan fish and chip so kita bagi dia order lebih which is, kena share at the end. Haku jugak yang kena tolong habiskan -_-

Air pulak, mine was Gummy Bear (blue in color) and Ayu was Tropical Citrus. Ayu was forced by me to order that drink because she requested a Coke instead of other drinks and I was like, hello! Kau bukan selalu makan kat sini why you order coke! C'mon lah, kat mamak bolehlah kau order. Ahahah! Luckily she listen to me ^^ *evil me*

And yang in the middle tuh we got it for free. I don't know what its made from but it come with an ice cream on the top and known as Freshly Minted. Seriously, tak sedap. Nasib baik freeeee! :p

Being a typical girl, as usual selca (self capture) is a must! It's new year anyway! 

After that we went for a movie and did some little window shopping. It always nice to be with her. We can talk about anything without having a butt hurt. Well, I guess I love her more than my other girl best friends. Oppss! But I can't help myself for loving her. Heee :D Ayu, sila nangis ada best friend macam haku nih. Muahahha! 


Still alive

Hello everyone ^^

5 days after New Year. So how's everyone doing? How's your new year? Is everything okay? Mine was okay so far.

I'm currently on my semester break and will be back to school end of this month. Serious bosan! Can't wait to finish up my study then go for a work then travel a lot, make friends, party and enjoy my life before I settle down. Fuh!

Well, I've so many things to write about but since I'm quite busy right now, I'll try my best to update more in future (new resolution konon). I mean, like every single activities I've done.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying this to the max!

It's banana milk yaw! Tried from Chatime few times already but this one is really damn good and delicious. Oh, and healthy too! Since it made from fresh banana and milk. Weee :D

If you ask me since when I started to like it, well since I'm really into K-pop thingy, I'm easily influenced by their culture or foods. Last time chocolate milk and strawberry milk are the only flavored milk I like but now banana milk is in my list yaw!

Credit goes to my friend who really seludup this banana milk from Korea during her visit. Tahu tak betapa susahnya nak seludup keluar? Bukan sebotol eh dia seludup, liquid lagi! Don't ask how because I also don't know how she managed to seludup :p And since dah ketagih sangat sanggup pergi shopping groceries kat tempat yang offer lots of imported stuffs and finally know where to get it ^^


Its New Year!

Thank you 2012 for being kind and awesome toward me. Hoping 2013 will be good as 2012. Negative vibes, stay away pleaseeee!

All I can say is, Allah has given me strength to achieved few of my 2012 resolutions so no resolution for 2013 as I still need to brush off my last year resolutions. Hehe :p

Well, it's a new start. Wherever you are, please be safe and have fun in a good way.