Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.


Another trip

Currently I'm on short trip to Pantai Timur until this coming Monday and will enjoy my Xmas holiday there. If you bump me, don't hesitate to say HI :)


Long way to go. I missed you.

Take note: 

He is Leeteuk, leader of Super Junior. Currently, he is serving in military as part of his responsibility as South Korea citizen. Please feel free to click the RED BUTTON [X] on your right side if you feel annoy with this entry. 

I am missing him. Went to Super Junior M "Super Asia Showcase" few days back, reminds me of him and Super Junior will be here next month for GDA Awards without him, the cheerful leader. We, ELF, will waiting for you, oppa. Please come back as a better Park JungSoo (his real name). 

[INFO] Tanslation to Leader's letter to fans ^^

To. The fan that I love! My everything(,) E.L.F..

I am Super Junior's Leeteuk!!,) I am soldier-in-training number 85(,) Park Jungsoo!!

Has everyone been well? I passed from Uijeongbu and is now doing well with brothers that are 10, 11 years younger than me at Baekmashin training centre.

From suju's leader to now(,) taking on a role as a company leader soldier in the army.
As expected(,) even at this place(,) I can feel the huge popularity!^-^

I had a lot of uneasiness and fear before coming in here but now that it's actually happening(,) it feels like its nothing

and also(,) thank you for the hand-written and internet letters! While reading the letters word by words clearly(,) its not once or twice that I had strong feelings. Thank you.

Its something that I am always thankful for. Even the day when I enlisted(,) there was a awesome crowd. As expected(,) the best!!

And also(,) from the 7th anniversary to the College Scholastic Ability exams. I am sorry that I couldn't take care of those one by one personally.

Do you know that the more I work(,) the more I want to meet you all? I miss doing the world tour with our members and being able to see the blue lightsticks and hearing the cheering sounds.

Ah! and also(,) the DVD that is selling in Japan is number one! and also(,) boys in city.
To the people awaiting to see my image(,) I am preparing so please anticipate!!

The end of year award ceremonies that are left(,) It would be good if everyone can smile brightly and end it well!

Really miss you and miss you and miss you and really want to see you see you see you have to be happy and healthy! Like it has been said that you don't smile because you are happy but because smiling is a happy thing..
Everyone(,) be well!! E.L.F-ya!! I love you...

From. leader teuk!!

(Cr: @teukables)


Successful project!

Alhamdulillah. It went well as planned. Kudos to the team members! And those who bought the t-shirts, of course! The aim of this project is to send rice wreath support for Blue Night's concert in Korea (15th and 16th December 2012).

I can't wait for the t-shirt! Jyeah!! I'll join other event in future, InshaAllah. More detail about this project, you can read here. Well, in case if you're curious ^^

p/s : better for me to contribute in this FANCLUB than certain 'FANCLUB' :)



"Kalau rindukan seseorang, baca Al-Fatihah sambil tangan didada. Dan berzikir kepada Allah dengan niat semoga dia merasai rindu kita padanya."

-Ustaz Don

Yes! Been missing my cotton candy so much. I was wondering what he's doing every single hour day but I know he's doing well based on what he tweeted everyday. Wishing you a better day and I'll pray the best for you. InshaAllah.

Dear Allah, hilangkan rasa rindu ini. Kau tetapkanlah imanku. Andai dia yang tertulis di Luh Mahfuz-Mu, aku terima Ya Allah. Sesungguhnya, dia ciptaan-Mu yang cukup sempurna dimataku. Andai dia bukan yang Kau janjikan, Kau tariklah nikmat rindu yang sedang aku rasakan ini dan bantulah hamba-Mu untuk melupakan dirinya.



Video: 2AM The Way of Love in Malaysia 2012 - Bila Terasa Rindu (Dafi AF) cover

Still having major withdrawal syndrome! Muahahah! Jinwonieeeeee!

If they can respect and appreciated our local talent, why not OUR local talent do the same too? Stop boo-ing and complaining why we, K-Poppers loved k-pop so much.

Learn from them and do well in future. You've no idea what they have been though during their trainee days which is before their debut. Can you imagine living with 20+ peoples in a small house including the manager oppa (brother)? They even shared foods together, stayed miles away from the family members, trained days and nights etc.

All their efforts and hard works had been paid yet all the bittersweets memories they left behind is still remain in their heart.

So, to the local talent (you know who you are) who is point out k-pop is not good for the industry, grow up please! Study what k-pop is and you'll know. Jangan nak cakap your music is good enough because not everyone is please by your music. Take note.

Sila sedar diri before say anything that might hurt other peoples feeling. Please remember, music is universal so everyone have their own right to choose whatever genre of music they want to hear or follow. If you don't like it, keep it in your heart. Will ya?