Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.


Shout Awards 2012 incident.

NOTE : I'm not there so this is basically my friend's point of view as she was there during the function.

"Things that happened during Shout Awards during Vixx and Nu'est on stage.

I'm not going to explain every single details, I will only focus on Nu'est and Vixx.

So we went to the shout awards that held in Sunway Lagoon where VIXX and Nu'est was invited as the International Act from the organizer.

Event started around 9, and we went in around 8 something, and by the time we went in, they were showing an interview session during the red carpet that held earlier before the event start. Coincidentally at that time, they were showing Nu'est interview and I can hear "boo" from the crowds (mainly came from those who are not an avid K-pop fans), and Vixx interview was next after Nu'est, and they got booed as well.

Most of Vixx and Nu'est fans was alresdy in Screamers Zone (an area secluded for volunteers(?)) and they were at the most front area, while me and some other K-pop fans was in the Public Zone where we have to 'fight' with the boos and antis noises.

After few awards and performances, Vixx was the first to be on stage to present an award. I can't remember which award they presenting cos too busy screaming our lungs out supporting the boys, (LOL) but I can hear they were saying "Malaysia Bagus!" (literally translated to Malaysia Nice / Good Malaysia). But some uneducated people are just being plain stupid and don't know how to show some respect just booed around when they were on stage, which some things goes to Nu'est when they're presenting an award too.

My deep sorry goes to Vixx especially cos they're the earliest act who presenting and performing, and I even saw some objects flying to the stage where they were performing, lucky enough it doesn't hit any of the members. =.="

They were also some inappropriate manners showed by the crowds during Vixx's performance. Me and my 2 other friends had to screamed out like mad just to cover down the boos, and I guess we were very lucky to stand next to few other Vixx fans and we cheered for them...

During commercial break time, the production made an announcement and warned everyone for not throwing an object to the stage. I bet the crews realized the objects flying then...

Nu'est was the closing act performer for the night and I think they were lucky cos most of the non-kpop-fans slowly left the venue. They didn't come forward to the end of the stage and I think that is due to the incident happened earlier to Vixx.

I never felt this shameful towards Malaysia citizens and this is my first time feeling this. As a true Malaysia myself, I am apologizing to Vixx and Nu'est and also to their fans out there for the incident and shameful act happened during the show.

Malaysia K-pop fans love you guys and do comeback for a K-POP SHOW ONLY next time. >_< *90 degree bow*

P/S: sorry for any grammatical error...i'm not that good in english and i'm typing this at freaking 4.00am. LOL.

P.P.S: Kudos to those who knows the true meaning of RESPECT, even they're not a K-Pop fans.

P.P.P.S: This is all based on what I saw and heard..."

-Tyra Rahman

So sad T____T I feel her because as what Malay's always quote; cubit peha kanan, peha kiri terasa. You can make your own judgement once you read this, right? So, who do you think uneducated here? K-Poppers or bloody morons?

Its not them who want to come here, they were invited by the organizer. That is what Malaysians don't understand. Sigh :(


The hardest part when we're in love

Love is acceptance. When you love someone you let them into your heart, and that's why it surely hurts so much when we lose someone we love, because we lose a part of ourselves :')

- Gossip Girl


Syazwani and Haziq Engagement Day [010912]

This was happened few months ago and since I just got the official pictures from Waniey so yeah, here we go! Remember this?

Macam mana nak mula eh? I’m happy for both of you! Ahah! Tetiba :’)

Actually Waniey cakap nak bertunang masa nak pergi kenduri akikah anak Jannah. Terkejut gak lah tapi buat-buat relax! Yelah, kawan nak bertunang, apa yang kau rasa? Tersiksa gak lah jiwa raga sebab tak boleh nak share dengan kawan yang lain since dia jemput kawan yang terapat jak. Hihi.

I went to the ceremony with Rabia and Nia. Dah ler lambat, dengan muka tak malu lepas salam mak Waniey terus naik atas jumpa Waniey. Sampai-sampai photographer dah suruh posed. Gila ah! Duduk pun tak lagi terus bergambar. Biasalah, budak muka tak malu memang macam tuh :p

Fair and square! Wira and Putra. Nia tuh kawan Rabia :)

Lama gak ah duduk dalam bilik Waniey since Balqis, Yana and Yam dah turun bawah dulu untuk update kitaorang. Kira teman Waniey lah before majlis. Masa nih kau halakan phone camera kat Waniey, dia rela. Ahah! So, apalagi?!

Kan dah cakap :)

All I can say is she’s so beautiful on that day! Never in my life see her in not-so-heavy make up! Fabulous!

Rombongan Haziq sampai masa kitaorang tengah sibuk bergambar kot.

And since we don’t know what happened downstairs, we just sat in the room diam-diam. The only thing that I remembered is when someone panggil Waniey untuk turun.

The discussion between the two families which is I missed it!

The hantaran's :)

From Waniey

From Haziq

 The moment! *cries*

She's beautiful, isn't?


Best friend for 9 years!

Sesi photography berlarutan sampai dah tak tau nak pose macam mana *cewah. After that sesi makan plak which is the best part lah kan before balik. Hihi. Tapi lepas makan sambung bergambar lagi sebab masa majlis sedang berlangsung, ramai yang nak bergambar dengan princess of the day plus photographer pun okay jak melayan :p

Alhamdulillah, she is Haziq’s fiancĂ©e now. I’m so happy for you, babe! Semoga berkekalanlah hendaknya. Gaduh-gaduh tuh adatlah. Hihi. Tuan tanah nak cakap lelebih pun tak mampu sebab tuan tanah pun belum lalui cuma hanya mampu cakap, AI TAK SABAR NAK TUNGGU YOUR BIG DAY!! Ahah! ^^

Congrats once again, Waniey & Haziq!

Tetiba ai plak rasa nak alami apa yang Waniey alami. Nas, jom kita tunang! Muahahahha! *mau kena pelangkung dengan abah

Oh, by the way,

Love you!

p/s: pictures courtesy by Waniey, Nia and myself


Off meatball and snooker

There is a day when I really craving for meatball. Suggest it to Pooi Kuan and dia sutuju so here we go!

Then off to snooker. Told ya, I'm such a loser. Main pun macam hape ntah. Oh ya, no picture as I was so busy tried so hard to hit the balls. Muahahahah!

Meet my new friend in white shirt. Yang depan tuh sah-sah Pooi Kuan :) Masa nih dah nak balik dah, tak sempat nak panggil bergambar dah terjah escalator -_-