Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.


She so lucky!!!


Not to forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shindong! Have a great and blessed birthday. Love ya, always! ^^


Just in case you miss me, cakk! :p

Lamanya tak menulis panjang! Banyak benda nak share tapi masa pulak tak mengizinkan. Ada jak halangan, nak-nak sekarang nih meatball balik holiday. Lagilah panjang langkah kita orang. Takpelah, sementara dia kat Malaysia nih, berjalan sakanlah. Nanti dia dah balik Germany, kena tunggu LAMAAAAA lagi baru dia balik. Hihi :p

Anyway, here is the latest picture of me. This was on my way to Seremban, last week for Ayyen's birthday party.

In case you miss me! Ahahah! *you know who you are*


Safely arrived!

Picture credit to Holika Holika Malaysia

Yes! He safely arrived in Malaysia just now. Too bad I can't welcome him since I'm stuck at Seremban now.  Can't wait to meet you, oppa! 

See ya tomorrow!

p/s: I spotted kak Edna and kak Tira in one of those pictures but the caption mention "All the way from Dubai" Since when nih?! Ahahah!


Hectic life is what waiting for me

Hello back!

It has been quite sometime since my last post, I know. I was busy. Busy with nothing. Well, currently I'm on my second year of study and being a degree student it's not easy. The requirements are getting harder. Pray for me so I can do well.

I wanna strike a better grade in order for me to graduate in first class, InsyaAllah. So for now, here is my time table.

- Financial Management
- Business Ethics

- Marketing management

Easy? Hell no! Night class with no break. Yeah! Welcome back to hectic life -____-


Congratulation ex-boyfriend! :)

Sending a 'congratulation' text to your friend who just got engaged is cool but not to your ex-boyfriend. He's moving on to another step in his life and definitely will experience a brand new journey with his beloved one. While you, who is currently struggling to move on and trying hard to cope with so-called single's life.

Yeap, that's me! :')

Anyway, congratulation once again on your engagement, F and partner! I'm really happy for you. Kahwin jangan lupa jemput! Kalau tak, ai sentap dengan you sampai you balik dari honeymoon! LOL! Melampau tak beragak :D

Well, banyak benda yang kita kongsi dulukan.  Dari you start year 2/3 sampailah you jejak year 3/4, I know you better-in and out and all so haruslah ai sentap if you tak jemput. Hihi.

Tetiba rindu nak dengar you membebel. Dah serupa macam Spongy kalau I degil or refused to listen to him. Uhuh!


Pelangi senja

Wahai sang pelangi indah
Muncul seketika
Sayang tak ku lihat
Kini tiada ....




So excited to share but later lah. Lemme enjoy every second of my holiday first ^^