Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.


happy TWO-ZERO-ONE-ONE everyone!

New Year is just around the corner. I'm going to have fun on my own way as I'll be miles away from KL. Ah, you spoil my plan cousin!

I don't really have tons what people call as AZAM but I'm hoping to be a better person in future and hoping for the bright future, InsyaAllah. However, I do have few things in my 2011 wish list.

1) own the best outfit in wardrobe so abah, money pleaseeee!
2) add more and more and more shoes in my collection.
3) Yamaha F310 as starter and Harp later on.
4) Driving licence. Okay, it's lame. Asal nak ambik mula gedik ada masalah.
5) Swimming class.
6) Meet KHJ during Playful Kiss tour. Perhaps.
7) Get skinny or kurus a bit. Yg nih hangat hangat jak, I know!
8) Saving more money for my future and Hajj fund. Oh, for my wedding as well! Eheh ;)

Meatball, you may laugh out loud at wish number 5 but seriously I need a swimming class. Kau tau kan aku pernah lemas before even tho I love water activity :-/

Start from now-onwards, I'll away from internet as the place am going to go today might lack of signal. Line phone pun not sure yet dpt full bar or not. So, if you can't get me at least until this upcoming Sunday, sorry okay? I pun bukannya nak sgt pegi plus dpt tau pun last minute tp malas nak stay KL sorg sorg so ikut jak lah.


Have blast okay ;) Take care.

p/s : byk entry masih di draft, lps new year reveal all and meatball, aku nak mug yg bentuk kasut tuh. comel giler!


officially wrapping my 2010 year

1 more day left until 2011 arrive. To be honest, am a bit sayu to let 2010 behind. Many things happen but I know, 2011 will brings more story and hopefully 2011 will be good to me.

So lets recap back what I've been thru in year of 2010.

01) Am turn to 20th.
02) More birthday parties - Aziha, Aiman, Tina, Kogi, Kay, Alynn, Qila, Bethrisya, Nina, Za
03) Chinese New Year - movie with Eyka and Angah, festival at college, went out with Syazwani and Rabia
04) Genting trip with coursemate
05) Kogi sister's wedding
06) Break-fasting at IKEA - 1st without Fannie, 2nd without Pooi Kuan
07) Simulation day
08) Housemate outing - BB area
09) Assignment day - 2 days in a row lepak at Starbuck Ikano, McD Bandar Utama
10) Journey with housemate
11) Camwhoring on last paper for exam on last day of semester on last day of study - diploma
12) Swimming day
13) A visit from Hana - all the way from Perlis
14) Earth day celebration
15) Pertandingan Proton
16) NFC 2nd anniversary
17) GAH 1 show
18) Late visit from Sayani and Alan. Sneak out and went to Uptown Shah Alam. Ahah!
19) Lepaking more often - with schoolmate, PJ-ians, bff
20) Iftar NFC & TFC
21) Cousin's weddings - kak Ana, abg Azam, abg Syuk soon-to-be
22) Bff day
23) Sibling's outing
24) Kenduri at Auntie place's
25) I-City time
26) Shopping and iftar
27) Bowling friendly match between NFC & TFC
28) Family day
29) Kris Allen autograph session - Mid Velly
30) Cousin's day
31) Farewell party - Danish, him, Hanis and Rafiq
32) Jannah's wedding
33) President Selangor vs President Kelantan football match
34) More weddings
35) More party
36) More dinners - Zanmai Sushi, Ani Utara Damansara Damai, Tony Roma's, Secret Recipe, TGI Friday, IKEA, Paddington House of  Pancakes, Mama place's,  etc.

Actually, there still lots of activities but I couldn't recall all of it ;( Too many function and too many faces but I am very thankful for those who'd brighten my day. I mean, for the whole 365days in 2010. Not to forget, for those who made my day in gloom, thank you so much!

Always remember this; "You hate me for being 'perfect' because you knew you'll never be at my level. Grow up, I'm talking bout reality and facts."

Oh well, this is not officially a wrap of 2010 cause I'll head to somewhere for the last activity for this year and it's tomorrow yaw! I'll update later okay.

Note : For PJ-ians, if you guys read this please email me all pictures cause I lost my pendrive. Tak sempat nak transfer pape lg pun ;(



Salam. Am quite busy lately. So sorry for not update this lil cutie. I've so much to share here, believe me. Dah dua kali weekend, and am so busy with both weekend. For this upcoming weekend, am also gonna be so busy. Will away from lappy/internet for few days I guess. Or maybe not. Movie marathon.

Meatball, thank you for the words. See bitch, even hundred times you try to make me down but he still with me.

And I can't wait to see your giant snowman! Email me those picture asap pleaseeee ;) Oh ya, what you get for me from boxing day huh?? Eheh! *grin*

To meatball friends yg comel, thank you ya and sabar eh. Anything, just email me.

p/s : selesema dan sakit tekak hasil drpd mkn tak ingat dunia!


Merry Xmas!

Today is Dec 24th. Tomorrow will be Dec 25th. Mean, tomorrow is Christmas Day. Yeay! Even tho am not celebrate it but when Christmas is around the corner, I must admit am excited! Why?? SALES! Plus, it is conjunction with YES (year end sale), sape tak suka rite. However, for this upcoming Christmas, I haven't get anything yet for myself due to so many reasons. Hopefully after Christmas. Perhaps, am so effing wanna own new set of make up as mine is almost finish. Dah lah nak New Year. Will tell you about my New Year plan later.

In other hand, am also hoping that the santa clause will come to my house and leave this stuff at my rooftop. Don’t worry, this is just an imagination. Imma Muslim forever ;)

Trench coat

or this ZARA trench coat.
Oxford Heels
or this Leopard oxford heels.
or this one
I found this at Aldo. It’s quite similar, got 3 colors but when I spot for the price, my heart stop beating for 2 seconds. More or less, around RM 390. Whoaahh, kalau dah kerja takpe plus I never bought heels more than RM 200. Sgt temptingggg! Whatever it is put it in your wish list azie. Try your best and archive it!

And before I forget, I wanna wish Merry Christmas to all my friends who celebrate it. May it brings more joyful and brighten your day. Ada makan2 jgn lupa jemputtt! ;)

Before I offline, nah layan lagu nih sat. One of my fav Korea song. Semestinya KHJ! Love it!

Meatball, best lah kau kan. Boxing dayyyyy!!!


someone's birthday today ;)

My boyfriend is 19 as for today.
Happy birthday dude!
May GBU.

Always love you ;)

p/s: I nak prosperity eh ;)


indulge yourself

Hallo. Nothing special happen today as am only sitting at home doing nothing. Feel like wanna share a recipe lah. Hmmm, what eh??

Err, how about chocolate cake?? My favourite tuh. Yummeh!

It is very simple, everyone can try it. Well, credit to my bestie, Ayu who taught me how to bake it. First time I bake a cake without any help from anyone including my mum when I was seventeen. I know it's a lil bit late but better late than never rite??

Plus, if bab masak memasak nih jangan haraplah nak nampak muka I kat dapur. Memang I tak suka masak. Tegurlah mcm mana sekali pun, tetap MALAS nak melangkah ke dapur untuk masak. But thank God lah bab bab dessert nih I suka. Weee. At least I tau gak how to use the stove. Ahah! LOL.

So, kpd lelaki lelaki yang nak pinang I, silalah tajamkan skill memasak anda krn cooking is my weakness. Masalahnya, ada ke lelaki nak kat I?? -_- Meatball, sila gelakkan aku. Tapikan, agak agak takde sape nak kat aku, kau last choice boleh?? Ahah! Sgt choiii!!


1 cwn koko
1 cwn air masak
1 cwn minyak (I used 3/4 cup)
1 cwn gula
1 1/4 cwn tepung gandum
1 cwn susu pekat
2 biji telur
1/2 sudu soda bikarbonat

Chocolate/Dark chocolate
Marjerin/Butter (agak agak)


Pukul telur dengan gula hingga kembang, kemudian masukkan tepung dan soda bikarbonat. Pukul adunan hingga sebati, kemudian masukkan susu pekat dan air. Kacau hingga sebati dan masukkan koko. Kacau lagi hingga sebati dan akhir sekali masukkan minyak sedikit demi sedikit. Kacau hingga minyak sebati dengan adunan tadi. Tuangkan ke dalam acuan.

Dalam pada waktu yg sama, panaskan pengukus atas api. Masukkan acuan ke dalam pengukus dan kukus hingga keseluruhan cake masak. Bahagian tengah agak lambat sikit nak masak so kena banyak bersabar. Kukus hingga masak sebelum disejukkan dan diterbalikkan.

Untuk topping plak, panaskan 1 periuk berisi air. Kemudian masukkan periuk yg lebih kecil berisi chocolate dan butter. Kira double boil lah. Bila cake dah sejuk, siram cake dengan choc yg dah dicairkan. Ingat eh, butter tuh agak agak sbb if terlebih nanti topping rasa butter. If nak tambah koko pun boleh. Lagi sedap topping tuh nanti.

Kalau uoll's nak wat topping lain pun boleh. Nak hias bagai pun boleh. Ikut suka dan creativity ;)

This is the latest I bake. Dah mlm pun plus takde stock bahan nak decorate so apa yg ada dlm fridge tuh belasah jak. *abaikan lubang kat tgh cake tuh, kes tak sabar nak tunggu sejuk*


goodbye for forever

Before I share my wonderful weekend, let me tell you that I've lost my uncle at mum side. The youngest uncle, Ucu. May him R.I.P. Al-Fatihah.

To his son's, be strong.



goodbye for now

In conjunction, I'll be away for few days. I can say that, am going to enjoy myself with my own way. FRIENDS are NOT needed. For now. Or maybe until New Year. Or maybe next year.


on mood, currently

Okay, no idea why lately I've been watching a lots of Korean drama/movie. Recently, I've watched Playful Kiss or Mischievous Kiss. I've watched it twice ya! That's why am away from this cutie blog. Eheh!

Even tho I don't really like the casts but eventually am fall in love with the heroin. Oh well, the hero I forget to mention here was Hyun Joong Kim (KHJ)! Ahah! So, can guess already why I watched it haa??

Maybe some of you already know about this drama, well this drama started on air around this year, not very sure what the exact date so this drama is quite new lah.

My baby KHJ played a role as Baek Seung Jo while Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni. The story begin when Oh Ha Ni, a clumsy student falls in love for the perfectionist, Baek Seung Jo. However, Seung Jo is indifferent towards her and reject her love. When Oh Ha Ni's house suddenly collapsed, she and her father moves to his long-time friend's house which is Seung Jo's family and as for Oh Ha Ni, this is her opportunity to win Seung Jo's heart.

Wanna know what happens next?? Go watch yourself okay ;) Next would be another Korean drama which is errr. Will reveal it soon after I've done watch it.

Apart from that, I don't know why my Korean mood is getting seriously in high level. I can't stop myself from watch it over and over again. This is happen before KHJ came here, I mean since I've watched BOF recently. When it all sudden start, habis sume video yg related to SS501 I tgk again.

Omg, I can't stop myself from watching those cute video of them and almost everyday am listening to their music. 2011, pretty please come faster. I can't wait any longer for them to gather back and release an album. Oh my Hyun Joong. Oh my Young Saeng. Am meltinggg!!


regret yet envy

One of my favourite person which I envy much is having a very serious health condition. I feel so bad for not paying so much attention when she mention she was so weak even to hold a pen also she can't T_T

Dear L, please stay strong and stay healthy. Am worried when the day you didn't answering my calls and replying my messages. And am so sorry for not knowing your penyakit. I always thought you were strong but I was totally wrong.

Doctor only can predict whats gonna happen next but then only God know whats gonna happen soon. Please do have faith in Him.

Please come back for me coz I need to know what the hell is going on the world. Please share with me your super great experiences. Please get for me loads of pictures.

That is why I envy you so much. Having a great job, great opportunities, great VVIP passes for great events, great chances for a free flight ticket, travel all around the world and much more! Am so effing wanna be like you. Having a great people around and enjoy the life till the max like there is no tomorrow.

That is what I want and need for now onwards. Thank you for being my darling. I love you, L!


counting and keep on counting

Birthday shout to lovely cousin!
May GBU ;)
Put aside your books and notes for awhile.
Have some fun on your birthday.

But remember, do not cross the line eh.
Pointer 4flat okay!

Sorry, am out of credit T___T
But will replace it next week okay?
5 more days to go until we meet again.

I LOVE YOU sister ;)

p/s : bila godek godek picture file, br perasan byk giler gmbr dgn Pika T_T


you're bitch! enough said.

How do you feel when your best friends are ignoring you?
Having a heart-to-heart conversation without you?

It's really annoying, best friends!
What goes around will comes around.
And I'm going to find my own way.
Don't worry much about me.
You guys selalu buat I mcm nih right??

So, you and you best friends, GTH!


it will grow right

Halo. Nama saya Ajie Ajira.

Nih kembar saya, Azie Aszera ;)

It's a relief finally I chopped my hair. Goodbye damaged hair. Goodbye colored hair. Goodbye long hair. Welcome to healthy hair. Welcome to uncolored hair. Welcome to short hair. Giler gedik. Ahah!

Actually, I've been thinking to chopped my hair for some quite long time gak lah but tak sanggup sebab my hair is jenis yg take very long time to grow T_T

So I google for new hair style and at the same time I know bob style or boyish style would be the 'boom' style for 2011 but I still want to do some research before I korbankan my hair.

Hasil from research I found boyish style really caught my eyes so I told myself am going to chop my hair into boyish style so I google again and this is really caught my eyes.

front view

back side

Tapi, biasa lah I. Dah sampai salon mulalah changed mind. Konon tak sanggup nak tgk hairstylist I tuh chopped my hair that short so I asked her to chop like bob style. And this time around, I didn't cry because am really dying to have new hair style and I've been thinking for plus minus half year! Lamakan?? Well, tak sanggup nak potong, trim jak.

Reason?? Because my hair rosak giler! Like seriously. Hujung bercabang, kering, gugur. Hasil from colored, curling, straighten and etc. At first I thought wanna do some treatment only as some of my friend asked me not to chop it but my sister said, I need to chop it. Seriously. No kidding as they will not grow any longer anymore T_T

So baby, you'll stay healthier after this okay?? Or NOT as my hairstylist blow it right after she chopped it -_- Never mind lah, hopefully it will be the 'last' time the 'hot wind' touch you. And pretty please grow faster baby. Don't let mummy trim you many times. Eheh!

Tapikan, I terasa nak color my hair lah! Suggestion pleaseeee! Ahahah :D


it's so lame, I know! but hey, am excited ya!

Agak pelik bila meatball secara berkias kias bgtau dia ada minat one band from Korea. Puas I figure out which band and I tergelak besar bila meatball email last 2 weeks ago and said he fall in LOVE with this band - SS501! Hoi-meatball-dulu-aku-suruh-kau-dgr-kau-gedik-refused-konon-tak-hot-bila dgr-tp-skrg-nih-apa-dah-jadi? Ahah! Kau buang tebiat ke hape hah?? Ke sebab KHJ turun Malaysia baru kau tergerak hati nak minat band dia?? Kuikuikui :P

As usual, aku tau kau akan dgn mudahnya dipengaruhi oleh muzik aku sebab tuh aku pernah paksa kau dgr lagu lagu dorang tp aku failed! Sebab kau ckp band from Korea sume mcm ANAK IKAN. Ahah! Aku tak nafikan weh, dah lah comel lote pastuh muka stock nak jambu giler then bila dah 1 band mulalah terserlah sifat GAY then bila dance mesti buat aku melt giler mcm ice-cream or marshmallow yg kena panggang ke hape. Bhahahah!

Tapi aku nak cakap yg aku tak minat sgt dgn SS501 okay! Aku hanya dgr lagu dorang dan semestinya KHJ! Tuh yg lebih penting :) Mcm biaselah aku, ada pasang surut sebab tuh aku tak pernah kekal minat satu satu artiste Korea. Hey, jgn ingat aku tak layan K-pop song nih heh but seriously, SS501 never failed to fulfill my wish and hiburkan me with their songs.

Love Ya

U R Man

Love Like This

Deja Vu

Tuh sume lagu yg agak baru from them, around this year gak release. Those song are my personal favourite because the VC was so perfect and seriously caught my eyes. LOL! And this one is my favourite video ever. KHJ look damn cute in here and love the ending part as well as the music too :D

A Song Calling For You

Even tho I can't understand even one single word, okay tipu. Ada lah few words yg I tau tp nak faham lagu tuh pasal apa haruslah faham whole song so I dgn rajinnya mengunjungi Encik Google dan whoaahh nih rupanya maksud dia.

Err tapikan, apa yg I cuba sampaikan actually was KHJ tersangatlah handsome plus comel that day (during TheFaceShop event)! Ambik kau, intro jak dah panjang berjela jela. Kuikui. He's so caring to his fans during fan gathering last Saturday ;) Even tho am not there but according to Yaya (my friend who got chances to met him), the moment he saw his fans push each other in order to get a better view of him, he said something like this "don't push, I don't want any of you get hurt or injury" and he also show a sign "don't push" in order to make his fans understand what he's trying to said. He's pay more attention to this group of fans and skipped the question from the emcee. Whoaahh, I love you lah KHJ!

However, I can't upload those pictures that I got from Yaya as she requested not to upload it either in FB, Twitter or here. Kira mcm exclusive lah as both of us jak yg de copy ;) I mean, from her camera lah. Too bad but if you're dying to see it especially meatball, just type Triple S Malaysia (FB) then tgk lah pepuas heh. Kes malas nak p online FB copy link TSM nya page ;) To meatball, kau knl Yaya (Farra SC) kan?? G bagging her for pictures as am not going to bagging her on your behalf. Go get yourself eh :D

For now, am looking forward for his show here in Malaysia. I mean, not only himself lah but together with the boys (SS501). Buat mcm Bangkok Persona show ke where the fans can stand at setiap penjuru of stage and throw all 'souvenirs' and get closer to them. Not like usual concert tak kiralah Paramore concert ke, MTV Worldstage ke and etc. Stage kalau boleh nak lagi jauh dari fans kan. Haih -_- Tuh lah Malaysia, very typical thinking, takut artiste get injury ke hape. Sigh.

Oh before I forget, thank you silent reader a.k.a meatball's friend coz sudi baca blog I yg always dlm keadaan merepek merapu meraban nih. Finally, I knew who are you! Yeay, smile widely! Tapikan, jgn marah saya tau, meatball yg bocorkan rahsia sbb awak dan awak kantoi baca blog saya dpn dia bukan saya yg paksa dia bgtau saya. Ahah! Insyaallah saya cuba buat entry pasal topic yg awak dan awak request tuh eh ;)

p/s : meatball, kalau dorg jd perform kat sini, g jom! and, idk why can't upload vid here. grrr!


am turning 21st today

Selamat Tahun Baru 1432 H to all my Muslim friends. Wishing you have a blessed year ahead. As for myself, hoping to bring a big positive into my life, more mature and no more clumsy in me. Like seriously ;)

Speaks of mature, I'd super great conversation with meatball last night. I mean, really great conversation. We talked a lot but more to future life. Both of us very serious during the conversation. Eheh! No no, bukan lah serious langsung tak boleh nak bergurau ke hape. Haipp, pandai pandai jak eh :P

As am turning to 21st year old (according to Islamic calendar), I'm hoping I'm more mature as meatball wished long time ago. Not because he tired to layan my karenah but eventually, people do need to change right. And, I think I've change a bit. In terms of what, am also not sure. Lets me figure it out first. Hee ;)

According to meatball, no more kaw taw td ak g shopping ak jpa mamat handsome or itu kitew x sure. Get it?? Heee. What he mean is, no more GEDIK word such as kaw, taw, kitew (as mention) in my diary. But sometimes, terlepas gak but not much like previous lah. Ahah! Well, human being - nobody perfect. Yes, I admit sometimes, err most of the time actually am easily get annoy with this kind of words. Menyampah!

Moreover, he said am more flexible. At this point, we argue a lot because I can't see what kind of flexible he's trying to confess. Yelah, kitaorang dah lama giler tak jumpa so how he know me now a flexible person. Meatball, aku belum cukup utk digelar flexibel person yet lah. Seriously! Only you know how hard it is.

Meatball also said, am a lil bit brave to make friend nowadays. He refer to my NFC's and other friends selain schoolmates and college mates (of course yg I pernah face to face). Setakat friends list beribu kat FB tp yg knl nya half baik tak payah. I tak BATAK to having so much friends in FB. Am more to quality actually. Yes, I admit am a bit choosy no matter lah friends, foods, place to hangout and etc. Not because of I berlagak or what, it just when I don't like/hate something, forever it will be. Yeah, kedengaran agak TEGAR di situ.

And,before we end up our conversation, meatball did said that am slowly become a lady. Really used the brain to think and act. Know how to appreciate life and more important, not easily get down just because of STUPID thingy especially heart thingy. Eheh! However meatball, am still your little naughty sister. It's only because we're human being so more older more responsibilities. Sape setuju angkat kaki lalu menari. Cepatttt!!


it's December yaw!

Hello December. And here are things to look forward this December.

01. KHJ tour.
02. Nemo, Qina, Ijam, Angah and John's birthday.
03. Hiking.
04. Family gathering.
05. Weddings.
06. Outing.
07. Shopping.
08. Movie marathon.
09. A date with 'someone' as am dying to meet this person once again.
10. Full body massage. Seriously.
11. Rantai Art Festival 2010.

Hmm, what else ah?! I think that's all for now. Maybe more excited thingy will come so just wait and see. Unplanned thingy would be more happening, right??


all the way from Korea!

Today is the day!

And tomorrow (Dec 4th), he'll be at Bukit Bintang Entrance Pavilion for TheFaceShop Asian Tour with Kim Hyun Joong.

On Sunday (Dec 5th), he'll be at Pavilion and Sunway Pyramid around 10.30am to 1pm.

Ya Allah, dah dekat giler kot! Masalahnya, nak pegi ngan sape. Nama jak kwn kwn tgh sem break tp memasing busy ngan hal sendiri. Nak pegi sendirian, takut. Fobia sbnrnya ;-/ Bak kata kak E, kalau takut ajak kwn, nanti kat sana ramai.

Kwn mende nye kak, sorang pun tak minat k-pop nih. Wuaaa, nak pegi jumpa HJ!! Bukan senang kot nak meet face to face. Dari jauh pun I think it's already enough but I know, it won't be enough for me if see from far ^_^ Mamat jambu kot plus setahun sekali pun belum tentu jumpa :'( So effing wanna go! Anyone, willing to teman me?? Pleaseeeee.