Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.



Have you ever think to do something else beside the usual things or activities you've always done with your loved one? Yeah, same goes to me. Oh well, age and money always be the most problem for us. Oh sweetheart, you're too young to do that, to do this, bla bla bla. Hell yeah, am 20 yrs old already. C'mon. Am not the kids with barbie doll or a chocolate in hand. What a typical thinking ^_*

Why am write this is because my bff ask me to go out having some date with them. The thing is, am sick with those activities, I mean movie, bowling and sitting in a lovely restaurant and having a very nice conversation and laugh out loud. After bargain for the place to meet up, am bargaining for the activity. Wany want to play bowling, her current obsession and Eyka, I'll follow you (tone iklan Digi). I don't have any idea why I don't feel like am going and having the 'excited feeling' for this upcoming meeting.

Maybe because the place they'd choose. Bkn lah nak ckp yg I nih tak masuk mall yg lama lama, I mean, yg cuma ada 3 or 4 tingkat tp I think of something else. Something different that we could do together. Nama jak bff tp boleh dibilang berapa lah sgt kami keluar jejalan. I mean, travel and be an independent girl and having fun outside the shopping mall. Oh, lupa. memasing dah besar remaja dah pandai nak bergerak dgn kereta. Whatever. Sigh.

I really want to do these activities but without bff or friends, it would turn into a boring activity.

1) Bungee Jumping

2) Hiking

3) Paintball

4) Backpacking

Extreme enough right huh?? I think I started to change my point of view which I think nature could gives me the value of the life that am looking for all this time. Maybe after I get a job I'll sign up for any group and find people who loves nature too :)

Yes, I admit my life kinda bored because I always done for so many things repeatedly.

I wanna enjoy my life.
I wanna archive something.
I wanna make myself proud.

I wanna be strong.
I wanna be tough.
I wanna be a MAN.

p/s : am sorry for hurting you.


Selamat hari tua!

October 28th 2010

Memell Lala

Happy ____ Birthday Babe!

May God Always Bless You.
Have A Blast One.

Few days ago.

Vancy Wong

Happy 20th Belated Birthday Dear!
May God Bless You Too!
Stay gorgeous and pretty.

SEGi UC babe.

p/s : Am still looking for the best way to DELETE all the memories and sorry for both babes, I curik your pictha.


City of Digital Lights

Halo. That day I went to City of Digital Lights or I-City located at Section 7 Shah Alam. I know its been an ages and lame cause I've stayed at Shah Alam +/- for almost 20th years but never been there right after the place was open to visitors. Even my friends from Sabah, Bentong and JB also had been there. Ahah!

Okay, went there with the family except my brother since he went there already for few times. He just lead the way as my dad didn't know how to go there even though I know. Sigh T_T

Because of my mum has promise to me before will go there if my lil brother balik so she kenalah tunaikan janji right?? Ahah, I was so gedik nak sangat pegi sana sebab tgk gambar org, wah so cool jadi always remind my mum and dad. Ahah, silly and sangat gedik *winkwink* Siap pegi korek info sana sini lagi!

For those yg belum berkesempatan pegi tuh, here some info or guide for you. Disebabkan skrg I-City nih dah jadi agak popular so mereka had decided to charged you RM 5 per car (Monday - Thursday) and RM 10 (Friday - Sunday). Kat dalam tuh de 2 park - safari or winter. You decide. Hanya boleh pilih 1 park sekali masuk. I mean, kalau uolls pilih nak masuk kat winter park and wish nak masuk safari park gak, uolls kena bayar RM 2 per person for safari park and the way round.

That day pun I just masuk winter park sebab pegi dgn mum and dad, pukul 10mlm jak mesti dah nak carik bantal. Plus with the I-City itself yg besar giler. Ahah. Nasib lah adik ikut sekali, camwhoring sana sini. Next time nak pegi lagi, nak masuk safari park plak. Ahah, next time yg ntah bila bak kata meatball. Hoi, tunggulah aku de lesen nanti! Kau gak lah yg ketinggalan. Wakaka.

Nahh, enjoy the picthas.

Dan saya terserempak dengan buah hati saya! Weehuuuu!



Hey hey hey! I've so much to share with you peeps but don't know where to start. Hmm, lately am busy YM-ing and Skype-ing with the loved ones termasuk lah Incik Meatball. Yeah, lama dah tak bercerita dgn dia since I ada internet connection problem that day until few days ago. When I get back my internet, he's pulak so busy with his study. Sabar jak lah T_T

Well, dlm byk byk benda yg kitaorang sembangkan, meatball merungut membebel suruh I diet. Nih sume gara gara dia paksa share pictures during my hari raya and I-City moment. He told, I dah bertambah "CUTE" since he left. Isk isk isk T_T

You know right meatball, I lah manusia yang paling malas nak keluar bersenam pepagi hari. Tidak seperti tahun 2008, tiap tiap pagi I jogging. Tuh sume dulu, masa I ada gang nak bersenam sebab takut dgn anjing liar yg suka suki jak menetap kat our favorite path to jog area PPD (Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah) sana.

I wish you were here meatball, be my trainer. Nak futsal, nak badminton, nak swimming and nak wat dance competition lagi walaupun I selalu takde chance nak menang tapi you tetap bagi I menang sebab that's one of your way to make me happy. Isk isk isk, rindu kau :(

And, I need new hair cut style. No more short cut even though short cut or bob cut would be the most hottest hair cut for 2011!


Pertandingan Kemahiran Proton Ke - 4

It was held at CIAST Shah Alam on 14th Oct until 17th Oct 2010. Here some of the picthas.

And this one really caught my eyes. Seriously, can I own it??
*wink wink*

Batman Car
*I named it, ahah!*


Housemate outing

Okay, I've been stayed with them since July 2008 till August 2010. To build a strong understanding between us is not an easy job due to diff race. Yelah, memasing dgn diff thought. But thank God sepanjang kami tinggal bersama takde lah gaduh gaduh or what. Setakat gaduh kecik kecik tuh biasa lah. Adat ler tinggal sebumbung.

So, for the very first and last time we went out together. Seriously, it was our first and last time went out 4 of us. Before this selalu jak tak cukup korum. Kalau tak bertiga, mesti berdua. So, we'd decided went to Bukit Bintang (BB) area. We had our dinner at The Ship BB and went to Pavilion for window shopping and took a lot of shoots. Here and there. At that time we don't care what people say. Heee, so enjoy the picthas yaw!


Stay strong

Halo peeps. A million sorry for being hiatus utk kali yang ke berapa ntah. No no, I've no intention to do so but something happen to me and really hurts me plus the internet connection meragam so I think to be away from any connection is the best way.



Yet, I don't know why the stupid-old-gossip boleh timbul balik. I thought after SPM no more gossip between me and him but still, and it makes me sick. Why oh why. A very BIG question mark in my head.

The fact, he never ask me to be his girl so why lah nak besar besar kan bende yang tak pernah terjadi?

Please lah weh, if there is something between us InsyaAllah I'll let you guys know okay. People said, good things tak elok disimpan tapi yg jadi masalahnya, bila benda tuh never happen, so how?


Gonna find my own way

Off for few days, don't miss me peeps :)

P/S : hopefully I'll get what I dream for few days ago. really hope for it. wish me luck!


Inginkan dirimu dalam anganku

Mengapa kau pergi mengapa kau pergi l Disaat aku mulai mencintaimu l Berharap engkau jadi kekasih hatiku l Malah kau pergi jauh dari hidupku l Menyendiri lagi menyendiri lagi l Disaat kau tinggalkan diriku pergi l Tak pernah ada yang menghiasi hariku l Disaat aku terbangun dari tidurku l Aku inginkan dirimu datang dan temui aku l Kan ku katakan padamu aku sangat mencintai dirimu l Aku inginkan dirimu datang dan temui aku l kan ku katakan padamu aku sangat mencinta l Menyendiri lagi menyendiri lagi l Disaat kau tinggalkan diriku pergi l Tak pernah ada yang menghiasi hariku l Disaat aku terbangun dari tidurku l Aku inginkan dirimu datang dan temui aku l Kan ku katakan padamu aku sangat mencintai dirimu l Aku inginkan dirimu datang dan temui aku l Kan ku katakan padamu aku sangat mencinta l Semoga engkau kan mengerti tentang perasaan ini l maaf ku telah terbuai akan indahnya cinta l Maaf sungguhku tak bisa untuk kembali padamu l Maaf ku telah terbuai akan indahnya cinta l Aku inginkan dirimu datang dan temui aku l Kan ku katakan padamu aku sangat mencinta.

Oh Qyna, knp lah you gedik post link nih. Bad memories okay ;( Bila dgr balik, omg meleleh air mata. Haaa, gatal lagi pegi dgr buat pe! Only one sentences, I MISS YOU.

And only one person is needed now, INCIK MEATBALL! Dan disaat mau meluah perasaan melepaskan rindu menangis meleleh hingus webcam saya gedik plak buat hal. Psfftt betul aa.

Meatball, kau tak sangkakan aku boleh jd selemah lemahnya. Takpe lah, aku kan buddy kau instead of girl friend so mana boleh lemah lemah camnih. Chill jak, bak kata kau. Hidup nih ibarat roda ada naik turun so enjoy jak the excitement. Itu barulah kehidupan. Okay, thank you buddy. Kau memang terbaik!