Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.


Teman dari zaman hingusan

Dalam hidup berfamily besar nih tak sah kan if kita takde kesayangan tersendiri. Maksudnya, cousin yg rapat dgn kita.

Mine, de 3org sumenya. Termasuk me, 4 lah kan. I gelarkan group nih as the 4N's. What's N stand for?? Eheh, biarlah kitaorang jak yg tau. Me, Pyqa, Qyna and Seha memang rapat. Pyqa and Qyna adeq beradeq while me and Pyqa sama umur. Beza umur pun tak jauh, which is Qyna beza setahun dr I while Seha beza 2 tahun dr I.

Group nih takde leader and takde sape yg form, it came naturally. Tapi mereka 3org lebih rapat sebab tinggal tak jauh mane pun while me tercampak di bumi Shah Alam. Okay, fine.

Tapi bila memasing meningkat remaja mulalah tercampak sana sini. First, Qyna sebab sekolah kat teknik KL then tak lama tuh me and Pyqa. Me at Damansara, Pyqa at Gombak. A year after that, Qyna tercampak plak kat Perlis.

Tinggallah Seha sendirian tapi sekejap jak sebab tak lama tuh Seha plak ikut jejak kitaorang tp she is in the same place with Pyqa. Then, dlm tahun nih Qyna tercampak plak kat Kedah sambung degree. Okay fine adeq, kau buat degree dulu dr den.

Sejak tuh, mulalah nak ckp facebook dihati sebab memasing saving. Call pun taknak apa ntah msg. Ahahah. Tapi, skrg kan dah maju, mcm mcm cara leh contact each other cuma Seha and Qyna jak yg rajin online. Errr, Pyqa susah betul nak di kesan.

So, baru baru nih Qyna telah berjaya mendownload Skype dgn jayanya. Ahahah *clap clap* So test lah segala bagai. Sayangnya, webcam I buat hal. Selalu mcm tuh. Time I nak webby dgn yg tersayang mulalah menggedik. Heh, yg tersayang ek. Wakakaka.

So, here some of the pictures I managed to capture. Hambek kau Qyna! Ahahah.

excited neh :)

dah cukup!!

1 thing I miss the most is her laugh! Berpadu dgn gelak I boleh buat meriam buluh yg sungguh padu dan mantap. Ahahahha. Walaupun kita jauh, den nak ekau tau yg den syg ekau. Ekau 1 dlm sejuta, wahai adeq tiri ku.

*emotional seketika*


Hujan Kemarin

You Will Never Know. You Hurts Me So Many Times But Still, I Can Bear With It. You Will Never Know. This Tiny Heart Is Still Waiting For You. You Will Never Know. Until You Realize It One Fine Day.

For You, Whatever I Will. The Realities Is Killing Me Yet Nothing Can't Beat For The Memories. You Know That.

Hujan Kemarin - Taxi Band

Meatball, am so down rite now. I wish you were here buddy! I know you kinda busy rite now but for me, please ;(

And I know, I tak layan lagu from Indonesia much but sometimes their song memang kena batang hidung sendiri. Sigh ;( Thanks to Aizul Marcello for the song. Actually, tak kenal pun mamat nih but kalau dah blog-walking memang tak sah aa if tak jumpa blog yg best. Serius, blog dia best plus gambar pun cantek jak. Membuatkan I tak sabar nak de DSLR sendiri. Bluweekkk :P


Rumah wajib yg harus dikunjungi

Yeah, am still in raya mood. Open house sana sini, banyak rumah lagi tak pergi. Tapi, dalam banyak banyak rumah, 2 rumah nih WAJIB I pegi - Wany and Eyka.

Why must?? Because mereka adalah kesayangan saya. Serious, if am not going to their place maybe a year kot merajuk dgn I. Eheh.

So, hari tuh di peruntukkan untuk beraya bersama mereka. Too bad, rumah Eyka tak pegi sebab dia dah pindah Seremban. Takpe takpe, I dah de lesen I pegi eh rumah you sayang. Heee :)

Dan, hari tuh gak lah merupakan hari bergambar kami setelah sekian lama lappy nih tidak dipenuhi dgn gambar gambar kesayangan I. Gelak sakan, gossip dan makan, tuh je lah yg kami buat. Tak terasa mcm beraya pun. Eheheh. Dan, thanks for the 'surprises" darla!

Pulang beraya, sambung pula ke open house. Hish, penat mkn je tp menu best - tomyam steamboat, spegethi, macaroni, nasi impit, rendang, kuah kacang, sambal sotong and much more but I only ate steamboat and spegethi. Sedappp!! Then, off to hospital. Visited my neighbor.

Nevertheless, I masih lagi menunggu perempuan nih deliver ke rumah. Rindu pada dia sudah terubat sebab puasa ari tuh de pegi iftar sama dia. Wee :D

P/S : more picture, please go for Eyka's FB.


Majlis berbuka puasa (super late entry)

Dear meatball, sorry sesgt weh krn 'melambatkan' entry nih. Too busy with personal, study stuff and also pindah rumah thingy. Boo me. Hell yeah, am back here and will tell you the story okay. Picture?? Just find my FB peeps. If you want more picture, please go for Nubies or Tomokianz's FB.

So yeah, on August 28th, 2010 I went to Wisma PKPS, Shah Alam to celebrate the orphan kids from Darul Shifa together with the icon's and fan club's (FC). Arrived there around 4 something and was busy with the goodies bags, the sumbangan from people's and all the remeh - temeh thingy. Oh, fyi, am NOT one of the org kuat majlis but yeah, just helped why not kan?? Then, choose table memandangkan tetamu ramai yg tak sampai lagi. Me seat with kak Syira and kak Hani at first but then moved to other table for some reason and met these two of Nubhan fans, Liza and her sister, Arfa. Adorable :)

As the most earlier guest, am just sit and having a nice chit-chatting with kak Syira while kak Hani was busy with her thing as AJK. Wonder gak, why I didn't see other org kuat majlis, only kak Tira, Angah, kak Adila, Sue, Miazo and few more lah. Rupanya, dorang konvoi from Cheras (if am not mistaken) with bickers and police. Wah, dah mcm org besar plak *nada jealous*.

Around 6 something kot the rombongan safely arrived. The icon's was busy bersalam - salaman with the guest and busy bagi sign kot. Uhuh, this is what happen in front of me, at my table. Few nubies asked Nubhan to sign here and there and the funny thing is, kitaorang was busy amik segala makanan suddenly balik meja Nubhan de and he need to bear with our foods. Ahahah, dah ikan bakar dpn kau, tipu aah kalau kau tak terliur. Wahaha!

But before that, the MC of the day, kak Tira and abg Man (bidan terjun nye MC coz Tomokianz tak dpt carik whose gonna represent for the FC) asked the ketua majlis and icon's to gives some speech. Not sure if de pressy form both FC bagi ucapan. Maklum aa, almost a month berlalu. And then, the icon's kena choose three orphan kids and three guest, it's sesi soal jawap and singing yaw. Ahaha, comel jak. After that barulah kitaorang diberi chance to choose what we want to ate. 101 jenis menu, memang rambang mata! Haa, baru lah betul kronologi cerita.

Then, after that the icon's sang few songs for the guest. Guess what?? On that day got other guest which is not form our group (outside people) and Haziq AF too! So, it's a bonus lah for those yg pegi makan kat Serambi Pak Engku that day. Yeay!! After that, sesi penyampaian sumbangan to Darul Shifa. Murah rezeki dorang, sumbangan banyak giler and of coz, duit raya! As usual, after done with everything on stage, icon's dilepaskan utk sesi tanda tangan dan bergambar. Pity them, ramai sgt plus outside guest lagi. Haih, sabar je lah.

Then around 8 or 9 something kemas kemas and take a quick shoot with the icon's and the AJK's then salam salam then off to Pelita Section 9 coz uncle (E'zham) want to lepak till 10 or 11 something. Exhausted yet satisfied coz the event ran smoothly and went well as wishes. A big big thanks for those people and organization who'd donate for the orphan.

I think that's all. The story chronology tak semestinya sama as the day. And am not the one who got the chances to be part of the konvoi so obviously my story not blossom as others who got the chances ^_^

P/S : meatball, no picture eh as you got it all alr :)


Selamat hari penambahan umur sayang

Birthday shout to my schoolmate's plus classmate's friend, Waniey.
May God bless you darla ;)
+/- almost 8 years we've been friend and still counting.

And not to forget.
Happy belated birthday to my best friend, Wani.
I love you till death.
Stay beautiful and gorgeous and funny and happening, sweetie pie!
Pray all the best to you :)
+/- almost 10 year we've been best friend and still counting.


It's their time

Okay, another raya story. Oh well, raya sebulan kan :) On September 18th my uncle came to my house from kampung. Finally, yeay! Actually, they were supposed to came together with the baraan team but unfortunately, due to some reason they can't make it. Sobs sobs ;(

On that day my mum make fried bihun. Again. No other side food kot. Anyway, only abg Zali was not there on that day. Boo.


Baraan - Sepang

Take Note : still in the same day as previous entry :D

Okay, here come the last venue, Cik Arah's place at Sepang. Last venue less food. No, not the foods. I mean, I ate less food at Cik Arah's. Chocolate cake only. That's all. Why, my tummy was totally full with superb yummylicious foods and can't stuff it with other superb yummylicious food already. Too bad :(

Menu was superb. Nasi lemak, spegethi, chocolate cake and what else huh?? Errr, forgot already lah. Too many foods also makes me easy to forget even though the most simple thing in the world. Ahahah.

baby zatty :) please take note eh, I ada ramai anak buah.

tuan rumah yg memiliki crown tuh.

baby alya. si tembam saya yg sgt cute!

okay, nih lari dari topic. org dok sedap makan kat dlm rumah, mereka sibuk mengait buah mangga :)

So, tamat lah sesi baraan I tahun nih. How?? Best kan?? Memang dlm tempoh sebulan nih, satu hari tuh akan diperuntukkan utk menjamu selara melantak mencekik mentederakah sesuka hati. Tapi tuh belum termasuk open house. Weehuuu :) As conclusion I had tremendous happiness that day even though it's only 1 day. Food, companion and duit raya really made my day blossom and of course the 4N's even though Seha was not there on that day. Lama nanti baru dpt chance nak gather like this as Qyna was studied so so so far away. Sigh.


Baraan - Kajang

Take Note : it still in the same day as previous entry :D

Kajang! New venue to be added in the list. Wehuuu! It's Kak Ana's place plus I've been here for raya last year actually so it's not a new venue for me anyway. Why new venue?? Because Kak Ana baru je kawen on Feb if am not mistaken so this year is the first year lah celebrating raya with her husband :)

Okay, the menu?? It's satay Kajang time!! Lama dah tak makan. Dulu daddy rajin lah gak pegi beli sampai muak I makan. Uhuh.

first round :)

citer Ular Emas nye pasal, mata memasing tak lepas dari TV. uhuh

Sarawak's famous layer cake! boleh di katakan almost rumah yg I pegi beraya mesti de kek nih. muak sudah! :)

Next stop would be Sepang. The last stop babeh.


Baraan - Bangi

Take Note : still in the same day as previous entry :D

Okay, next stop is Bangi, Mak Su's. Menu - steamboat, spegethi, macaroni and and err pe lagi eh? Lupa dah coz tummy was so so so happy, fully with delicious food. Ahahaha.

everybody was busy melantak eh tak, menjamu selera :)

nih lepas kekenyangan.

err, interface jap. eheh

Next stop, Kajang! Menu best woh so stay tune :)


Baraan - Petaling Jaya

Take Note : still in the same day as previous entry :D

Okay, me and family are arrived to PJ a lil bit late from the others. Take time to all get ready ^_^ Sampai pun dorang dah nak gerak so makan makan then my dad boleh bukak citer yg kalau tak diingatkan memang till next year pun tak abis. Uhuh. The food?? Okay lah, almost same like last year. Lemang, ketupat, kuah kacang, rendang, rojak buah, mee kari (ye kot, tak tau sbb tak makan) and pengat pisang. Fuhh, kenyang woo! But I only ate ketupat together with kuah kacang. Still full, eheh. And why no rendang?? Coz I don't like to eat rendang much :)

the foods

pandai tak anak buah I makan bersusun ^_*

Next stop, Bangi :)


Baraan - Shah Alam

Halo. Wanna continue my raya story. So, yesterday was Malaysia Day and of course everyone are off duty from work. My uncles and aunties decided to give a visit to all of us (which is stay far away from kampung). We used to called it as baraan in Java word, mean ala ala konvoi pegi rumah ke rumah lah.Every year will have this activity, senang sekali jalan je.

September 16th, 2010

So, the baraan started with my house. By 11am some of them are safely arrived. As usual, my house always be the first kena attack so my parents had decided to jamu the relatives with a very simple menu - roti bom with curry and fried bihun. So so so happy coz they ate like there is no tomorrow. Biasalah, pagi lagi kot so of course super damn hungry ^_^

Thank God I sempat ate the bihun as am damn hungry and didn't take any food for breakfast. And tell you what, my mum's bihun is the best in the world! Rasa mcm nak tambah but I need to warmly remind myself as I've 4 more house to go. Boo me.

at first, ramai tak sampai lagi.

but then, nahh penuh rumah :)

meja makan kat dapur gak lah yg dorang carik.


Next stop is PJ! See you soon ^_*


Sekitar syawal saya

Halo. Hari nie dah masuk hari ke berapa ek kita beraya? Entah, I sendiri pun tak tau. Sebab?? I malas nak ambik tau bila meatball send email yg buat I nangis sungguh sungguh. Sobs sobs :( Okay, lets not talk about it. This entry is about how am celebrate my syawal anyway. Don't want sadness mood in this entry.

September 10th, 2010.

Started with quick tahlil for those yg dah meninggal. Alhamdulillah, this year can make it coz last year I missed it. After that, its time for hit the line for maaf bermaafan moment. Ramai sgt so jd lah photographer jap.

waiting their turn. my turn?? after them le.

oh, this is when their turn is over. sempat je nyelit eh korang.

me and LIL brother. before salam bersalaman.

qyna was ready to salam nenek but I ask her to hold on, its picture time! ahaha

After salam bersalaman, looking forward to take the 4N's group picture. Ramai sgt sampai tak tau qyna ke mana, pyqa ke mana apatah seha. Bila dah dpt tarik all of them, apa lagi. Shoot lah!

tak tau kenapa every single raya mesti ada amik picture at this position. EVERY year okay.

and this supposedly jd portrait kami bertiga but qyna suddenly joined us. never mind, my mum fav's girl kot among my cousins :) qyna, sila bangga, wahahah

Then, as usual went to pak long's or wak panut (please take note, am mixed with Javanese). Nasi ayam time. Special menu from this first house. Then proceed to Nek Chu's house. Sebelah-menyebelah je tp gedik gak naik kereta. Wahaha. Supposedly next went to arwah Nek Ngah's house (again, sebelah rumah je) but seems like no one is there so we proceed to Wak Roha's house. Haaa, kat sini bukannya nak intai apatah lagi jamu segala makanan dgn kuih but we replaced it with photo shoot!! Ahaha.

formal pose

informal pose

Wonder why only five of us?? It is because five of us are in SAME ages. Giler ramai tak?? Actually de sorang lagi tp dia balik kg 1 lagi. Oh yes, both in purple baju Melayu are twins. Funny about them is, until now am still can't differentiate them. Wakaka, always called them kembar and then baru tanya, kau sape. Hamid or Hanif :)

Hanif. like this one because Hanif damn cute! wahahah

Then, we seek for new port to take photo. Err, actually many shoot we've done but can't upload all lah since BYK giler. Uhuhuh.

there of us. without Seha.


my name is Azie.

And because of the first day of Eid this year fall in Friday, so most eh tak. ALL of the guys went for Friday prayer so the girls went to the next house which is Wak Nah's sumenya jalan kaki. Sometimes, best gak eh rumah uncle auntie's dkt dkt.

pose dulu before heading to Wak Nah's.

and this, on the way to Wak Nah's :) Love this shoot, weee!

After Wak Nah's, went to Wak Udin's plak. Err, kat situ tak shoot pun sebab sibuk meratah rendang kerang plus ayam masak merah. Tetiap tahun, rumah Wak Udin I wajib makan sebab nak elak over makan di malam hari. And 1 more thing, rumah makcik makcik yg lain tak buat rendang kerang so that is the special thing if beraya kat situ. Oh, not forgot to mention, masa kat situ gak lah tetamu Wak Udin berduyun duyun datang. Actually, bukan sape pun saudara gak.

this is at nite, before heading to Mak Edah's.

And after went to Mak Edah's, went back to Nenek's, changes baju and then supposedly off to bed but too bad if dah reunion with 4N's memang tak sah if tak tido lambat. But, unfortunately Seha tak join us. At the end, pyqa slept first while me and qyna can't sleep due to saket perut. At what time I tido pun I tak tau.

September 11th, 2010

Second day of Eid. Went to Tanjung Karang to visit my mum's village. Love to be here because of the sawah padi! Kat KL mana nak dapat sawah padi bagai?? But too bad lah, this time around dorang baru tuai so sawah tak kuning lagi, still hijau. Uhuk uhuk.

before heading to Tanjung Karang, ate this cookies. the taste is quite similar with famous amous cookies.

muka ngantok

baby Amsyar :)

kat KL kalau de scenery mcm nih, memang dah suruh my father pegi beli tanah buat banglo sebijik!

and this is gula nyira. looks like gula melaka but hey, its totally different yaw!!

September 15th, 2010

Went to mum's side. I mean, I dah pegi jumpa all the nenek saudara but real granny I tak pegi lagi. Pelikkan?? Oh well, don't blame me. My dad is on duty on third of Eid so schedule totally changed! Anyway, I pegi gak rumah nenek I dari tak pegi langsung kan?? Takde amik gambar, takde gang. Uhuuh.

Then off to Wak Nor's place plak. Haa, never in life lah pegi beraya rumah Wak Nor more than 2hours! This time sebab errr family matter. Don't wanna talk here. But then Farhan ajak me main mercun and fyi, am scared with mercun! Namun teman gak lah si Farhan tuh. I just main fireworks je.

on the way to Wak Nor's.

I dah nak masuk tetibe boleh lah si Farhan nih tanya, 'mana kak ira?'. Hish, sabar je lah.

yg nih bkn Farhan yg main tau, papa dia yg main. Giler kau nak bagi budak kecik main mercun das?

Hrmm, what can I say, I had tremendous happiness during this Eid. Laugh, good food, great companion. Really made my day. Yang tak best nye masih belum berkesempatan nak bergerak ke mana mana. Uhuhuh


Cerita sebelum raya

Haiyo, dah almost seminggu lebih raya berlalu tapi baru skrg de mood nak menaip. Tapi I nak cerita keadaan I before raya. Malas nak ckp byk kita proceed to raya preparations.

First, I tak shopping sakan for this Eid. Sebab?? I takde mood nak beraya. Baju raya pun pagi raya baru dok sibuk carik. Shawl pun pakai mane yg ada. Handbag plak, thank God mak angkat I brought it from Beijing so tak payah I susah susah pegi selongkar sana sini carik handbag.

Okay, tahun nih my first time and first experience baking all the kuih raya. Before this never did it alone, just mengacau mak jak. I did bake almond london cookies, nescafe cookies, makmur cookies, dahlia cookies and honey cornflakes.

nih jak yg sempat nak snap picture.

The day before raya, my mum cooked all the dishes. A bit different with others because people's will masak rendang dgn ayam or daging but my mum masak dgn kerang. Kira mcm satu kemestian lah rendang kerang tuh kat my house.

sedap! ate it like there is no tomorrow. at the end, allergic! ahah

And other foods, as usual lah.

nasi impit. buat yg segera nye jak. kes malas nak ngayam. I tak reti pun nak buat :)

kuah kacang.

ayam masak merah.

Every year, tender memasukkan all the kuih inside balang tak lain tak bukan, me myself. This year tak mau pakai too many bekas kaca.

So bertukar lah kepada tupperware.

Bila mlm main bunga api. At first, alone. Kes adik malas nak ikut main. Gang pun takde. But ada lah 1 day tuh adik pun ikut main sekali.

nih kes nak menghabiskan fireworks tuh. konon konon nak buat mcm unggun api lah :)

selamat hari raya aidilfitri maaf zahir dan batin :)