Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.



Halo. Ya Allah, lamanya tak update blog. Rindu rasanya nak membebel kat sini namun apakan daya, tuntutan sebagai student yg sgt sgt lah memenatkan. Banyak yg saya nak share tp nanti nanti lah since line broadband pun mcm haramjadah.

Banyak yg saya pelajari dalam tempoh 'menempuhi' stress terutamanya KESABARAN. Memang betul betul menguji keimanan. Ayat 'kurang sopan' tuh jgn tanyalah berapa byk dah keluar dari mulut nih. Sometimes, felt gave up but what to do. Need to bear with all that shit T_T

Oh btw, gathering NUBHANFC best! Ikon sangat sporting *_-

while all of us bersuka ria taking picture, suddenly he joined us!

Dan, saya sangat rindukan 'boyf' saya badly T_T Banyak benda saya nak report kat dia.

Okaylah, go to go. Assignments :(((



Family pergi holiday tinggalkan saya

Okay, hari nih saya nak bercerita pasal ole ole dari Indonesia. Hari tuh, mak, abah dan abang saya pergi holiday dekat Medan tinggalkan saya dan adik saya. Sobs sobs.

2 minggu tak jenguk rumah, oh rindu betul! Terus bukak peti ais carik makanan. Wah, masa saya nampak kotak cake, oh heaven betul! Bila bukak penutupnya, omg my fav cake!

Yg berjalur jalur tuh kek lapis Indonesia. Beza dgn kek lapis Sarawak sbb kek lapis Sarawak manis! Yg kaler kuning tuh, bingka Indonesia. Sedaaappp!!

Lepas tuh, masih belum puas lagi. Saya selongkar pulak kabinet sebab saya tau mak saya kalau pergi bercuti di Indonesia memang akan beli banyak jajan dan saya pun terjumpa lah nih. Oh, sekali lagi heaven.

Saya paling suka yg kotak kaler hijau dan merah tuh. Rasa dia mcm kacang tumbuk. Sekali lagi, sedaaapppp!!

Yg nih, saya selongkar balik peti ais. Made from Indonesia okay!

Masih belum berkesempatan utk menelannya.

Then, masa saya masuk bilik tgk tgk ada nih di atas katil. Yeay, walaupun saya mintak pattern lain.

This time around, tak best sgt sbb mak saya kurang bershopping sbb Medan bkn tempat utk bershopping. Sesuai utk melawat je kot. Uhuhu


P/S : nanti den update pasal activity sepanjang minggu dan gathering NFC smlm. still looking forward for the best pictures to be share.



Am wondering why sometimes people can changed in a blink of eyes?? Why people like to "talk and spread" story that not really relate to their life?? Why people like to give a shit to others?? Well, we are all human being, I know. That's called life.

Am not in mood to update so much right now. I know it sounds lame but please don't blame me. Blame the situation and some of the people around me. Plus, the assignments make it more worst!

I promise as soon as possible, I mean after I've done with everything I'll be back on track. Update as much as I can. Hopefully.

And, sorry for being hiatus again. Oh, btw, I'll be at KL or somewhere in jalan raja laut to be exact for some "special" event today. Will update you soon.

Have a nice day, peeps :D


P/S : i miss incik meatball so freakin' bad :( and mummy told me just now, they've plan for next week. what plan it is?? Rahsia buat sementara waktu. omg, i just plan to stay either at damansara or cuzie's place or friend's place for next week. thinking -_-


Nothing much to do much

Halo. Currently am at starbucks ikano now. Doing my assignments but lack of concentration already. The food smell makes me hungry, the environment makes me wanna sleep and the wifi makes me wanna scream sometimes. I meant, suddently teroff sendiri. But sempat lah I berwebcam dgn "kawan lelaki" I. Ehehe, don't blame me :D

okay, need to focus now. Bye!


Bayar hutang

Halo! Am back. Sorry for being hiatus. Err, not really lah cause I got update an entry here. 2 weeks after new semester begin, full with stress. That's why am not so often tepek entry baru here. Oh btw, this entry gonna be a long entry so if you can't bear, do feel free to click the X button.

Okay, here is my class schedule for this semester not include extra class and discussion:

Monday - Business research (lecture)
Tuesday - Organization behaviour (lecture)
- Human resource management (lecture)
Wednesday - Human resource management (tutorial)
Thursday - Business research (tutorial)
Friday - Organization behaviour (tutorial)

Now lets recap my activities for last 2 weeks. Started with last thursday morning. I meant, really morning (consider thursday morning lah since the show started at 12 something) because went to theater for twilight saga : eclipse show at 11.55pm with fannie and pooi kuan. Dah mlm so takde ambik gambar.

Then the next day which is friday (july 9th), went to KL with housemate, ming yee. It's more to 3-in-1 purpose lah. Ahahah, 1st purpose because ming yee want to take her broadband (under warranty), 2nd I was looking for a cute dress for next week event and 3rd, I tak pernah naik train from kelana jaya (KJ) to Kl sentral so I nak belajar lah.

breakfast :)

to killed time

So we took free bus shuttle from ikano to KJ then from KJ we took LRT to Kl sentral. Oh btw, the bus shuttle nih ikut timing so kena awal lah kalau nak naik. Kitaorg pun that day terlepas pukul 9.30am nye so terpaksa lah ambik pukul 11.30am. To kill time, we went to ikea for a photoshoot. Ahahah, by 11.20am kitaorg dah tunggu kat bus. The journey was so so lah.

Then we stop at dang wangi station before took monorail to BB station. Since the office that ming yee want to go is behind sg wang, we need to walked. Haiyo, penat plus panas. Thanks god we no need to waited for long time cause by the time we arrived, it's lunch time. Then only we haunted for my dress. Rambang mata dibuatnya. Banyak sgt yg caught my eyes *_* But since I need to go back before 5pm, so we need to hurry and we went to shihlin taiwan street snacks and bought our lunch.

KL :)

Then, at night my cousin kak fara and abg bob fetch me because on saturday their parents is doing a kenduri tahlil and since my parents are not here in malaysia plus my mum is not allowed me to go back shah alam by myself so stayed at my auntie's is the best way I think. Uhuuh. At first, am refused cause I don't like to stayed there since I've no friend. I meant, my cousin is all grown now so kira I takde gang nak bergosip lah.

So, here come the saturday. Not really busy since the kenduri taklah besar mana. Just kenduri tahlil. There's not so many works to do since my aunt ada maid plus maid my cousin pun ada so I just kopek kopek bawang then lepak in front of tv then sleep then wake up then ate then played UNO then siap siap utk kenduri then ate again then tolong kemas kemas then off to bed. What a day. So not a productive day for me.

main UNO with cousin and anak buah. yg penting I asyik menang okay!

mlm kenduri. shoot yg ketiga baru okay. if not, tangan tuh asyik nak bergerak je.

see, I told ya'll. sgt tak best bila cousin masih kecik.

naughty boy

On sunday, nothing to do. Watching tv all day long and at evening ikut anak buah pegi tangkap rama rama. It's more to killed time cause am damn boring and need to wait for my cousin to send me back.

frust sbb rama rama takde.

Then back to my normal life. Classes, discussions and assignments. Am totally stress!! To reduced my stress, I went to ikea just for having their hotdog and ice cream. At first I thought wanna tapau it but bila tgk keadaan that time so me and pooi kuan decided to ate there. Then went to tesco since pooi kuan want to find her thing. Then took a few pictures before heading back.

dinner :D

sgt excited suruh ambik gambar :)

i wanna fly!

percubaan yg entah kali keberapa. terus give up. so, nih lah hasilnya.

I think that's it. Kalau ada keluar lepas tuh cuma keluar mkn biasa je kot. Btw, new date for NFC gathering is out. Still open for those who might interested.

Till the next post. Love.


Penangguhan :(


*copy from Nubhan page.

Salam, dgn ini dimaklumkan bhw Sambutan Ulangtahun Ke-2 NFC pada 17 hb ini terpaksa ditangguhkan ke satu tarikh baru berikutan keadaan kesihatan Nubhan Ahamad/Nubhan Ahmad Full yg kurang memuaskan. Saya bg pihak AJK & Nubhan memohon jutaan maaf atas penangguhan ini. Satu tarikh baru akan dimaklumkan scpt mungkin. Sama2 doakan agar Nubhan cpt sembuh & sihat sentiasa. T. Kasih. -Moon (NFC)

Get well soon nubh!

P/S : dgn penangguhan ini maka sempatlah fringe den panjang. dah mcm haram dah, hampeh betul!


Hate it

Nothing I want to say just I hate my life timetable for now until end of august :( The classes very pack and till late evening. Benci!


Am officially wrapping my semester break

Halo! As am typing this, am currently not in mood. Semester break is going to say byebye and halo new semester. What?? Omg, am still can't set my mind to focus on my study. Sigh -_-

Lets recall back my activities during holiday.

i. Baby sits these naughty kids.

ii. Went to GENTING with classmate.

iii. Having fun and joined GAH 1 show at Sunway Lagoon.

iv. Flat shoe hunting with mummy and daddy.

v. Followed Waniey to Herbalife meeting at Times Square Hotel.

vi. Lepaking at Rabia's.

vii. Lepaking/met bff.

viii. Joined BOWLING FRIENDLY MATCH among two fan clubs - tomok & tomokianz VS nubhan & nubies.

ix. Went to the place that I used to go before with the bff for couple of week. Something that kami dah tak buat for period of time. Nostalgia betul, rindu masa lalu :(

x. Went to ALYN'S birthday party.

xi. Went back to hometown. Sedih sebab tak cukup 'korum', lagi 2org cousin went to Kedah. Sigh.

xii. Went out and hunting for my college stuffs.

Yes, I admit I didn't update some of my activity here sama ada I lupa atau I malas nak update. Malas tuh dlm erti kata lain, I takde mood nak blogging. Sorry for that. Okaylah, need to go. Haven't done with packing the stuffs.


P/S: tak suka dgn new sem timetable. benci!


Saya suka makan

Hey hey hey! Went to pasar malam at padang jawa tonite. Long time I didn't came here. When I was young, my parent always brought me and the siblings at here then we all will bought cookies sorang satu. Memang stock for a week lah. Ehehe.

As am grew up, am always go pasar malam near to my house. When I was in secondary school almost every weeks lah I akan pegi. Teman yg paling setia pada ketika itu adalah wany and eyka. Sometimes lilieyt pun tumpang sekaki. And until now they're my teman paling setia tak kiralah walaupun salah satu tak dpt pegi.

And today, I went to pasar malam with my parents which is quite confusing. Sebab?? Sebab kalau selalu pegi pasar tak tau nak mkn apa tp td mcm mcm pulak lah yg I nak mkn. Di antaranya :

murtabak yg tak rupa murtabak. and the taste? okay okay je lah :(

popia basah. okay, yg nih bkn beli kat pasar, my dad bawak balik dr somewhere. i love it!!

durian!! lama dah mengidam. banyak yg den pulun td, hikhik

Dan yg paling suka bila my dad beli durian is

licin you dia jilat! ahaha, terus I send MMS adik I yg kat kuantan tuh.

Yg tak ada dlm gmbr ialah satay. I terlupa nak ambik picture sbb dah tak sabar nak mkn :)

Oh, btw nak promote *again* eheheh. Saksikan musim baru INTREND yg bakal memulakan siarannya pada 7 Ogos 2010 pada hari sabtu jam 3.30 hingga 4.00 ptg bersama pengacara baru Mimie Haris dan Nubhan.

P/S : esok adalah hari melunyaikan diri. dan, semoga mlm nih I tido dgn nyenyak, almaklumlah durian punya pasal :D


Hello July

It's july already babeh :) Welcome july and sayonara june. Wonder why am so excited huh? Ahaha, nothing special at all actually. Just some of my friends are celebrating their birthday on this month starting with these people.

muhammad hamid

muhammad hanif
1st july 1990

Am not sure which one the eldest and which one youngest as am also confused which one is anip and amid. Eheheh. Oh, btw they're my cousins. Kembar ye :) Then, this guy.

muhammad farissal.

1st july 1988

happy birthday guyz :D