Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.


Sunway Lagoon

i really really had tremendous weekend. i'll share here later. need rest since having fun from morning till midnight. nah, satu picture dulu.

meet, my new friends
in front (from left) - ain, KT and ajoy while at back ( from left) - choki, sue, me and mia
otw back to sunway pyramid car parking.


Estee Lauder model search

okay, here i want you guys to do some favour for me. i want you guys please vote for my super beautiful lecturer,
miss sudha for estee lauder model search. her name is sudhashini nair, MMV160. just click on her name to vote her. she's pretty, i bet you guys :)



today is friday. supposedly am at PWTC, being part of the team members but unfortunately am not selected. poor me, am really want to be part of them. my friends was so lucky, they already be part of them. sigh. yelah, almost 500++ (if not mistaken) youths applied to be volunteer for the greatest festival and only 400 (if not mistaken again) youths selected. memang lah kena ada luck ;( *BIG SIGH*

okay, now plan for sunday. got free ticket to somewhere (insyaallah kalau jd pegi) for a show. heee, can't wait and super excited. why?? cause i can meet ______ (need to keep it first). if jd, insyaallah will update here.

and, should i go somewhere too, to spend my super boring weekend next week?? its gonna be fun if i go, i mean for me lah. but i've no transportation, that's the thing. hmphh, thinking.


The best I've ever had

nothing more i could ask from you. you've completed my life since we knew each other. i know am always can count on you anytime anywhere. thank you for being there when needed and never complain. heee :)


Memang patut pun

kpd KevinPrince Boateng, anda sudah meranapkan impian si jejaka pilihan (impian saya juga)!! sebab awk lah si jejaka pilihan saya tidak dpt beraksi pada world cup june akan dtg. kau tau tak yg aku dah bersemangat utk worl cup nanti. kau sajakan, tackle si jejaka pilihan saya tuh. tsk tsk.

sudah lah azie, dia kan dah minta maaf. hish, mana boleh! siapa nak lead team nanti. saya nak tgk aksi si jejaka pilihan tuh beraksi di atas padang nanti. tsk tsk.

Boateng, walaupun anda sudah meminta maaf, tp seluruh peminat serta penyokong si jejaka pilihan tetap menganggap anda 'musuh nombor satu germany'. nasib lah ye.

dan dan, saya suka bila si jejaka pilihan saya itu akan menyaman anda. ahahah :D nak tau siapa si jejak pilihan saya?? jeng jeng jeng

walaupun kau dah tua, aku tetap sokong kau sebab aku rasa kau hot!! ahahah


College mate outing

hey hey hey! sorry for the late update. I tau dah agak basi tp demi memenuhi permintaan budak itu, this is the result. okay, on may 10th i went to genting with my college mate which are si budak amoi, aziha, isnah, natiya, kogila, lynne, jie yin, pooi kuan and ida. as usual, go there by bus from OU. feel so excited coz 8.30am keluar rumah and budget can get early ticket but then go to counter - next bus : 11am. WHAT??!! 2 hours without doing nothing at OU. fine, dengan hati yang pasrah beli gak lah tiket sebab dah janji dgn dorang. then pegi breakfast at nyonya melaka (if not mistaken).

bayangkan anda berada di shopping complex yg sgt besar di pagi hari. wahhh, seakan dunia aku yg punya :)

breakfast :)

after breakfast, still got plenty of time. wanna window shopping, a lot of shop didn't opened yet so hell yeah, wasting time at somewhere around OU gak. camwhoring sana sini.

waiting for boarding. ahahah :)

tick tock tick tock, it's eleven already! yeay, genting here i come!! ahah. naik genting skyway again. and fyi, am a bit afraid with cable car (due to some reason) and know what, tgh tgh syok control ketakutan, boleh lah pulak cable car tuh stop! what the heck betul lah. buat org takut je. and sorry to natiya coz am sreaming at you. tuh lah, siapa suruh bangun time time cable tgh stop. gayat weyh, bayangkan kalau jatuh. oh mak, den tak kawen lagi eh. ahahah. and camwhoring lah as usual.

we are in action :)

okay, here we are - genting. can't remember what is our first ride. it's kinda rollercoster but it's inside cave one (if not mistaken lah). next is, which i don't know the name but i called it as sampan. eheh.

someone said, "nak balikkkk!!" ahah, funny :)

next is space shoot! super excited coz no need to que for long time like my last visited. and for the very first time, i didn't shout out loud. ahaha, expert already after thousand times try it.

while waiting.

scaryyy huh :P

next, they want to ride a rollercoster but i don't want. a bit scared coz long time didn't ride it but then some of them said they don't want to play too so we split into 2 groups. then, my group which are natiya, isnah, aziha, ida, kogila and myself ofcourse decide to try our luck in this game. tak tau name pe but we need to throw a ring to get huge plus cute teddybear. and as usual, no luck at all. all of us, sigh.

sesi tawar menawar with the workers (above) and never get into the bottle. hish, thousand times tried also got no luck (bottom)

next, marry-go-round as am dying to ride it. actually, long time didn't ride this since last year kot. masa tuh incik meatball still in malaysia, i guess. eheh, then pegi main satu ride tp as usual, tak tau nama coz i called it as buaian pusing tinggi. ahah, suka suka je bagi namakan :)

marry-go-round reminds me of incik meatball coz dulu dia yg introduced this to me. sbb I tak nak naik, mcm budak budak je. ahaha :P

and, inilah buaian pusing tinggi tuh. last main nih kat lost world of tambun :)

then, konon konon nak pegi masuk rumah hantu tp takut terjerit jerit mcm mak nenek so decide pegi masuk rumah vempire yg tak menakutkan pun. okay, this is my first time masuk, ingatkan scary lah sgt tp hampeh. yg cute nye, got 2kids from india i guess mcm nak nangis bila keluar. ahah, comel.

us :)

next is, they've got play cawan pusing but I tak main pun sebab serik!! pening kepala doh pooi kuan and hana buat terus biul inside bus along the way back during my last visited here. ahah. then, nak pegi main ride yg kalau turun dr slide mesti basah tp thinking of we didn't bring along spare t-shirt so we canceled it but we replace with this.

harus pakai jaket keselamatan okay, baru safe :)

err, uols panggil ride nih apa ek?? sampan moden eh. ahhaha.

then, again for the next ride I didn't join coz dah bosan kot. it's cyclone - first malaysia roller coster. thousand times played so quite no longer fun for me.

this time confirm betul, cyclone :) ahaha

then, we split again. went here went there, wasting time. but then, the other group was late. promised 4.30pm wait at McD tp we are the early group yg arrived. okay, kaki dah sakit sbb pakai heels plus penat sbb mengayuh sampan moden (sila rujuk gambar di atas). tuh belum kira berlari sana sini sbb kejar masa.

camwhoring ler while waiting for the other group :)

and this is picture of the day! sumpah buruk giler muka. ahahah :)

and, bila group 1 lagi dah lambat, maka berlarian lah sekali lagi dlm genting sebab bus pukul 6ptg gerak. haiyo, den dah lah penat korang suh larik. ahaha, I didn't ran pun, just walk tp lelaju lah. kang kena tinggal pulak dgn cable car. tak pernah okay I lari lari kat genting tuh. hohoho, pengalaman :)

muachi time!! (it's a chinese manisan to be exact - sedap mcm tepung gomak kalau org jawa tau lah)

and this is our group photo. dah nak balik baru teringat nak ambik group phote padahal ramai umat manusia kat dlm genting tuh.

and, when arrived OU we which are fannie, jie yin, lynne, pooi kuan and me tak balik rumah terus. went to sushi zanmai for dinner. tapi I tak makan pun, dah penat giler mana de mood nak mkn.

look at my face, it's kinda fake smile okay. am not usually smile that way. exhausted doh!!

thanks to jie yin's boyf for sending us back. so, that's it. till the next post. love :)

p/s : sorry for any grammar mistake. still learning :P and no watermarks at all, heee :) penat half day mengedit all pictures.



heee! here is my new skype :)

please say you know me thru my blog. and 1 more thing, kalau setakat nak webcam perkara perkara yg tak penting, tak payah add, okay :)

p/s : incik meatball, after this no more YM webcam eh :) to mr F, thanks for sending the file. if not, am still stuck.


When there is a chance, this is what will happen :)

am too lazy right now.
no mood for blogging.
just wait for my new entry.

p/s : to silent readers, sabar eh :) still in progress about genting that day. pictures pun tk edit lg.


Kenapa mesti kau

saya, azie aszera ingin mengucapkan



guru guru tadika sayangku

guru guru SRK S19

guru tarian ketika di SRK S19 especially cikgu din

guru tuition ketika di SRK S19 especially cikgu zainon

guru guru SMK S19

guru guru tuition ketika form 3 - cikgu azman, teacher fadhila, cikgu ariffin

guru guru praktikal SMK S19 especially subject music

lecturer SEGi UC

guru mengaji yg garang


mak abah
(guru terawal saya)


pengalaman yg saya kutip sepanjang 20 tahun nie.

terima kasih tak terhingga saya ucapkan kpd mereka mereka yg terlibat secara langsung atau tidak langsung.

oh tidak lupa juga kpd bff. kau orang pun aku nak ckp thanks sebab ajar aku benda benda baru. dari zero hinggalah aku master. thanks sebab maningkatkan keyakinan aku. thanks sebab puji aku ketika semua orang seakan akan mencemuh aku. thanks sebab biar aku ada memori dgn korang dan memori tuh mematangkan aku. thanks for everything bff :)

p/s : kpd ex-boyf, terima kasih kerana hadir dlm hidup saya dan menjadi guru tidak rasmi saya. to incik meatball, terima kasih sebab ajar aku byk perkara dlm hidup nih walaupun kadang kadang tuh apa yg kau ajar tak masuk akal langsung. miss you much friend! and to abg apiz, adik tak tau nak ckp apa. tp adik bersyukur sebab kenal abg. terima kasih sebab jadi kamus serta library bergerak utk adik.



hey hey hey! exam is over. it's time for party babeh :) first thing I do is having lunch at Aunty Lucy. ABC mari tp tak power mcm kat giant shah alam. weeee :P dan mlmnya balas dendam menonton wayang.

Aunty Lucy

after that, haruslah ada clearance kan. memula dgn notes previous sem. I mean, from first sem till fifth sem. ambik kau, sekali banyak giler!! berat tau tak nak angkut dari 7th floor. eh eh tak, ringan je. tak baik cakap camtuh. ilmu ye adik adik sekalian. eheheh

then moved on to handbags. even though tak banyak mcm uols tp kenapa I rasa mcm banyak je. memandangkan I tinggal 1 sem je lagi so I decide not to left so many handbags at damansara. biarlah semak bilik kat rumah shah alam. eheheh

then, my fav moment. saat mengemas memunggah segala baju baju yg tak kurang banyaknya. teringat when my first sem I didn't bring so many clothes but hasil almost 2 years stay at damansara baju baju tuh beranak dgn banyaknya. ahahah. dan hasilnya. tadaaaa

tak banyak pun, I bkn nya study kat UiTM yg perlu angkut semua bila sem break.

dan dan inilah muka penat lepas clearance. tipu je, mana de nampak penat.



kaki saket tak ingat.
badan penat macam baru lepas swimming.
dan saya sangat penat.
nantikan saja update dari saya.

love, azieaszera


No doubt

i'm not good at putting all nice words but i truly love you more than words can describe. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MY DEAREST MOMMY! always love you. till the end. no doubt

esok nak pegi genting.
ada sesiapa nak ikut.


Friday night movie

finally, relief. alhamdulillah. as a treat to myself, went to e-curve for friday night movie. so, IP man was fantastic doh!! even though its a chinese movie. after 2 weeks I guess terperuk dalam bilik dan berkurung serta tidur bertemankan notes finally keluar gak I dari sarang. ececehh dah mcm burung pulak bunyinya. ahahah.

then went to idaman mutiara damansara for dinner. or should i called it as supper. char kuey teow (tak tau lah kalau salah ejaan) and watermelon juice is just nice. makan pulak dengan fannie, pooi kuan and arif.

hmphh, i shall stop here. nak pegi makan. till the next post :)

patut tak i buat formspring?
seems like everyone is having it now.


Bring it on bebeh

ceh, tajuk dah mcm confident je nak jawap exam padahal dlm hati Tuhan je yg tau betapa cuaknye. mana taknye, apa yg dihafal hanya berapa peratus je diingati. dan satu lagi hal nak kena hafal sume balik. citt!!

3/5/10 - 1BMT0814, 4BMT0806
4/5/10 - 4LAL0907
6/5/10 - 3CS0218, 2ECO0904
7/5/10 - 4BMT0801

Kalau ye pun kau nak bagi aku habis exam awal, tak payah aa sekali 2 papers dlm satu hari. kau ingat otak aku nih apa. hish, sapelah yg buat jadual nih. papepun, good luck to all my friends especially si amoi melayu, siap pegi genting kau eh. hebat betul!!