Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.


How To Train Your Dragon

nothing more i can say.
its super duper cool movie.
and the dragon, CUTE :))

p/s : today was anti discrimination campaign day so am wore white shirt to support the campaign :))


Turns off the light, its earth hour time :)

okay, been support this campaign from the beginning kot. ahaha, malaysia first earth hour campaign was on 2008. tuh zaman den tinggal kat hostel. time tuh den kat tv room, lampu bilik den kasi switch off tp den dok kat tv room tuh. apa daaa, ahahah. yes, am afraid if all the light was turn off so den budget if tutup lampu bilik then lepak kat bilik tv, kira den support aa gak campaign tuh, eheheh :) besides, on that time am alone, waiting for fannie to come back and bring my dinner if am not mistaken lah :)

then, the second campaign was last year. i can't remember how am celebrate it. maybe hangout with my ex-roomate or what.

this year am celebrate it alone since plan nak celebrate with bestfriend terpaksa canceled. a bit frustrated cause i dah semangat nih nak jumpa and nak bagi barang and bagi rasa cookies yg first time i buat to them suddenly canceled. hmpph.

turn on the torchlight for a while cause dah takut sgt tp tetap semangat nak support campaign :)

its lewat semesta by randy pangalila. been listening to this song sepanjang bergelap, ahaha :P
*sorry for the low quality camera*

its 21:32, time to turn on the light back. hoyehh!!

but, never mind lah the boyf is more important kan sygs (benci pulak den dengar) :P

p/s : tmrw is the last day of simulation. for those yg akan present tmrw, good luck especially my gang - aziha, kogila, natiya, hani, ida, ili, awatif and isnah. *lega aku dah lepas*


Life is unpredictable

what do you feel when something that you've been scared most of the time is past?? relief huh?? same goes to me. my simulation day is past already. fucking relief.

why am acting like am not matured enough?? it is because i need to debate/acting in front of segi's students!! walaweyhh!!

we are the change that we seek by barrack obama - simulation 2010

i think, my group do the best among the groups who present on that day too. haruslahkan, idea last minute. the best thing is, not so many pressure i put in myself compared to my past drama.

the snowy and seven chicks - drama presentation 2009

hmpph, whatever it is no more others commitment selain study and enjoy. ahhaha. till the next post.

p/s : international book fair is about to end. really dying to go but no friend. hish, payah betul aa tak de kawan yg kaki buku. ohh yah, nak pegi tgk how to train your dragon. my friend told its a nice movie :))


If only doremon is real

call me childish and i don't even care coz i still watch the cartoon. muahaha :) apa yg kau merepek nih azie. ohh, tgn saket accidentally terlanggar bucu dinding. okay, tak ada kena mengena. diam kau azie.

back to the topic, why am wish doremon is real?? it is because i 've a very very important presentation tomorrow. oh men. and, today was the last day we need to do our rehearsal. so, yeah we did it since our class for business management is canceled. but the best part is, after finish for our rehearsal, fannie and i went to OU since fannie want to withdraw some money but end up window shopping coz she want to find a perfect OL pants but then she decide to go to Elements, the curve.

at elements, she had tries so many outfit and pants while am just be her advisor since i had my outfit for tmrw's presentation. tries this, tries that and at the end she bought 2 pairs of OL pants and 1 blouse while am just bought a new belt since am really dying to had a nice one.

new belt ^_^

so, because of the presentation is main reason why am really wish doremon is real and make time fly without nobody know it. haih. big SIGH.


A day to remember

hello :) another day has gone and left me 1001 memories. lotsa jokes and fun. thanks to whoever makes me happy and pissed off as well. okay, let start with the story.

my housemate ask either i want to follow them to go to U.C.T.I located at bukit jalil (BJ), kuala lumpur. am very lazy to go bcoz i don't feel like i wanna do my degree at there but they said they'll heading to KLCC for education fair so i think why not lah kan.

then, we heading to BJ and safely arrived there. so we register and do talk to consultant about hours and then one of their student bring us and walk around the college. this college is out of my list not bcoz of how do we need to dressup but the environment is just not suitable for me. beside, i don't have any intention to study there. ahah, yelah i still want to go to taylor's but still need to think about it.

then, we heading back to bukit kiara for our lunch but its more to fetch arif (fannie's boyf) actually. then, here we go. KLCC for education fair. its more for those who want to go UK to further their study. UK huh?? you killing me aa. mahal woh!! but i want to study there . no, i want to go canada. eh, no lah germany. haiyo, pening. okay, diam skrg azie.

okay, on the way to KLCC, fannie's come out with brilliant idea which is after KLCC we go to sg. wang but her boyf ask her to choose either one, KLCC or sg. wang and end up with sg. wang. woh, best best coz my temptation in shopping sgt lah kuat dan tak mampu to fight with it.

unfortunately, am not so often shopping at there coz i don't like sg. wang. half way inside sg. wang pooi kuan ask me if am willing to walk and go to times square (TS) and yeah, am okay with it since i got an intention to ask her but she ask first.
and, here we go, TS!! hell yeah, sales over here over there. omaigod!!

since i haven't bought anything for myself as birthday present so am hunting it. at last, am only bought a pair of wedges and a cute phone accessories for my bestfriends and me as well. well, TS is another one shopping complex that not suitable with my soul. so, please don't think am gonna to shopped like mad at there.

somewhere around bukit bintang, kuala lumpur

at 5 something we off from there and went back to damansara to hunting for kogila's sister wedding present so we went to tesco damansara and bought a set of plate. then, at night we heading to subang galaksi for the dinner. seriously, this is my very very first time indian wedding dinner. yeah, am enjoying it. lotsa food, fun and jokes. and pictures as well :)

so, that all for now. till the next post. before that, here some of the pixs taken during the night. enjoy it :))

p/s : missing my bestfriends badly.


Birthday story

hello :) hmpph, lega dpt online. seriously, am busy with my class. and, am stuck here in damansara where i didn't go back this week so that is other reason why am not so often online.

so, here the story begin. on sunday, i went back to damansara as usual. been watching king kong 2 with my housemate. laugh and laugh till my eyes get wet while waiting the time to flies for a free call. so at 00:00 a.m, am 20 yrs old babeh!! yeah for that :)

okay, as mention at my previous post i've presentation on my birthday and yeah, cool!! so, lets refresh what happen on the night before the day. ming yee was the first person who wish me secara live. then, masuk bilik dapat call from unknown number and guess what, its hana. she was the first person who called me. she's using her friend phone's to give me surprise!!

hana's friend : hello, nih kak sha ke??
me : no, who's kak sha??
hana's friend : eh, biar betul. dia ckp nih number kak sha.
me : tak lah, slh number kot.
hana's friend : betul ke bkn kak sha?? kejap eh.
me : hannnaaaaaaa!! (scream out loud)

and there is other conversation, tak payah lah ckp kat sini eh :P okay, moved on, i've received a few SMS. sy sgt pasrah pada birthday sy setiap tahun di mana akan jatuh pada school break and people akan lupakan birthday sy. tsk tsk. but, the best part is FREE CALLS!! ahaha, hell yeah i only sleep when the clock shows it almost 4am!! fuhh, memang best giler.

then, i've started the next day with full of excitement because of the wishes from both of my sygs, i mean my bestfriends. sangat bermakna both of them because they're my strength besides my family. class on that morning was SSE class. full of laughing and joy. then, moved to second class which is e-comm. here come the presentation. am not doing well i guess. maybe my group was number three but am satisfied enough when the lecturer said 95% reach her targeted. wehuuu :) unfortunately, need to wait till the last group to present and the best part is the next class had been canceled due to only 6 peoples came to the class. giler nakal kan tak masuk class.


then, after class my housemate which is fannie and pooi kuan want to treat me at secret recipe cova square but am dying to watch movie so we decide go to the curve and having my birthday celebration there. actually am a bit frustrated with them because they only wish me on the next day which am never do to them because, there is always a surprise for them on their birthday. poor me :(

lets not talk about it anymore. they treat me at secret recipe and i had a blueberry cheese cake as my birthday celebration. a slice actually and it chosen by them. having chit chat before we go to e-curve for movie. along the way, we drop by at the center of the curve where metrojaya is having a promotion for kid toys. oh ya, fannie is a big fan of hello kitty and kebetulan on that time metrojaya is promoting hello kitty's thing so fannie dengan teruja pergilah tgk.

secret recipe and hello kitty

camwhoring jap

agak lama di sana but due to the time, we moved on to e-curve since the movie will started at 6.45pm. this time, am drag pooi kuan to teman me watch the movie since fannie need to go her boyf's place. we've been watching REMEMBER ME and seriously i told, it's a boring movie. the reason why am really dying to watch this movie is, ROBERT PATTINSON. okay, sounds lame but i like him much!! eheh :D

the street

around 8 or 9 something the movie was end and yeah, lega. then, i've decide to go to ikano since i really want to grab a cute dress but i don't think i can stand anymore because both of us wearing heels and the pain will show up to our face if we didn't get off from there asap.

thanks for the cake, the celebration and the movie, housemate

believe or not, this year birthday i didn't get anything for myself as birthday present due to time limit and my birthday jatuh on weekday so maybe by next week or end of this month paling lewat i'll grab something as my birthday present. yeah, i love to give my own self a treat :D and, that is how am celebrating my 20th birthday. tak de lah havoc sgt sbb jauh dgn loved one and since incik meatball kat overseas so tak de kot surprise.

p/s : am looking forward for the surprise from abg apiz and my bestfriend. on earth hour day huh?? am waiting :P


When I missed you i'll play the song

hello :) another email received. from a guy nun jauh di ceruk europe sane. so excited huh mail me your pictures. fine, am jelous now.

when look at all your pictures, make me realize something. kenapa kau makin kurus dan aku makin gain weight yg dah mcm baby panda yg comel hah?? unfair unfair *big SIGH*

and, why you mail me and ask me to download this song?? you know rite am not fans of malay/indon songs sangat.

Lewat Semesta by Randy Pangalila

Satu kata bertulis cinta
Telah merasuki ku
Tak berwujud tak tersentuh hanya ku rasa

Dan jika wujudnya menjelma
Pada sebentuk hati
Bukankah itu amanah dari yang kuasa

Menjaganya... menjaganya...

Wahai insan yang di sana
Mungkin saja ini kau dengar
Melewati semesta ini
Aku sampaikan..

Begitu ingin berbagi batin
Mendengarkan hasrat di jiwa
Oh tuhan pertemukan aku
Sebelum hatinya beku

seriously, am forgot about this song already cause it seems long time you didn't sang this song. suddenly it reminds me of the memories. sangat comel muka kau masa kau mula mula nyanyi lagu nih yg konon konon kau tujukan lagu nih kat aku tp aku reject kau sebab aku tak paham dan tau maksud lagu nih. eheh, soooo cuteeee mcm si snowy teddybear yg aku bagi dan paksa kau bwk jugak pegi europe!! ahah, jahat kan aku paksa paksa kau :P

am understand this song already and it start stuck in my mind now. gosh, download it with unwilling heart but i can't sleep well if not listening it. ahah, dah boleh jadi lullaby aku dah weyh!!

oh yah, thanks dude for the picture. i mean our picture yg kau hantar kat email. nice giler weyh!! merasa gak aku kan celeb birthday without you which is the hard part for me. dah tak boleh nak call kau berjam jam sebab maxis bg free call walaupun you know you're the second 1 after abg apiz yg aku akan call. no more surprises kan?? still remember every yr you're the 1 who over excited when it comes to my birthday eventhough dah berhari birthday aku berlalu tp kau tetap gigih nak sambut. better late than never, that is what you will say kan??

hmpph, sabar azie. okay, move on. my presentation for e-comm is tmrw but the slide haven't hyperlink yet. okay, sgt cool huh when on my birthday i need to present my assignment. sigh.

p/s : incik meatball, you ask me why am asking you to send an email thru my gmail acc. sebab gmail is more private, no one know my acc kecuali kau sorg :P


Am confused to choose those who can makes me smile

am confused. i need guide. i need someone to makes me feel better. to make right decision is not easy. am confused. i don't want the same shit happen again. its so lame. i don't want to feel bad and regret. am confused. haiyo, bape banyak confused bah.

hmmph, am not confusing to choose anyone to be my boyfriend but the next institution of study. am about to finish my diploma and will continue my degree for sure. the thing is, i don't know which one give the best.

should i be at this college - Kolej Bandar Utama (KBU)

or, should i be at this college - Taylor's College

or, should i be at this uni - UiTM

or, should i just stay at this college - SEGi University College

or should i continue at other colleges/U?? which one. am confused woh. today went to Ekspo Selangkah ke UiTM. still thinking. degree woh, no more playing around. next week is KBU and Taylor's open day. should i go or not cause am not going back home next week, need to attend a wedding dinner. if i stay at damansara, it will cost me cause i have no car so need to go by cab. hmmph, thinking thinking (kan bagus kalu aku de lesen).

at this moment, am thinking of my incik meatball :'( he always come with brilliant and good ideas. and he always have an answer to all my creepy questions. ohh, how i miss you dude!! tsk tsk.

till the next post...

p/s : anyone from any colleges/U that i mention above, do feel free to give me any info. i need your guide and advice ;))


Another invitation

heee :)
thanks kogila for the invitation.
excited kot because this is my first indian wedding.
the wedding will be at subang galaxy, 7.30 pm onwards.
me, hani, natiya, aziha and isnah are about to go.
(sanggup nih tak balik shah alam semata mata this wedding)

p/s : asyik minum air sejuk je, mcm mana flu nak baikkan??


Your smile like a rose

hello :)) i spend whole nite yesterday with my fav bitch in college. omaigod, phat!! it's been long time we didn't talk to each other and laugh like we're in our own world. you're nice with your story, you're kind with your smile, you're hot with your kisses, you're warmth with your hug. unfortunately, you're having your paper today but next time we'll do the same thing again for sure :D thanks for the ride, had dinner together, make me laugh till my eyes get wet and let me overnite at your place (for sure lah kan, kau tak sanggup nak bg aku balik rumah sesorg pepagi buta walaupun kau tahu aku boleh je balik, beza bape block je). anyway, i'm really enjoy last nite. thanks syg :D

can't take anymore, sleepy and phat need her time to study too so, goodnite everyone!!

and the result, VERY VERY BAD EYEBAGS!!

p/s : lately, my lips easily get dry. hate it!!


Ya, kamu

sy sgt stress skrg.
sgt mendambakan mereka ini.
eyka, wany, abg apiz and incik meatball.

p/s : to abg apiz, mari ambik adeq. mahu nangis sepuas-puas nya. sgt stress di hari hari terakhir bergelar remaja belasan tahun :'( oh yah, semenjak incik meatball sudah tidak menjadi rahsia lg, maka dia akan selalu diceritakan di sini dgn harapan incik meatball sy tuh akn membaca. *walaupun aku tau hakikatnya kau akan baca, wahai incik meatball ku. sedangkan last entry pun ko nak nangis baca and straight email aku, kan?? akhirnya, tau gak aku sape silent reader blog aku yg ke3 kan.*


Incik meatball

semalam buat poem khas utk incik meatball (nama yg sy beri kpd nya - agak comel gak kan) due to kerinduan yg teramat sgt, lalu dgn tetibe nya mlm td incik meatball sy menjelma dlm mimpi. omaigod!! rindu sgt sgt kat itu incik meatball.

ya, sy tak pernah mention bout him before to anyone coz tak mahu anda berkongsi incik meatball itu dgn sy (giler tamak kan - ye, sy tau). selain abg apiz, incik meatball adalah orang yg berkongsi segala gundah gulana diri nih dan menjadi antara org yg terpenting buat diri sy.

hidup sy empty semenjak incik meatball fly to europe utk study. haish, rs mcm tak mau nak lepaskan je tp sy nak buat apa. hanya pasrah dan mendoakan yg incik meatball sy itu selamat dan sihat.

"alaaa, _____ (tempat study terpaksa dirahsiakan) bknnya jauh sgt. nanti aku hantar news kat kau. kau jgn nak sedih sedih sgt". itu yg incik meatball ckp kt sy before his leaving. pandai lah kau, suruh aku jgn sedih sedih. aku dah nak separuh giler bila dpt tau kau nak pergi and tinggalkan aku sesorang kat malaysia nih. kau tau kan betapa susahnya aku tanpa kau. dan aku rindu dgn word NO kau dimana perkataan tuh adalah word yg terakhir kau akan bagi kat aku sebab kau tak sanggup nak tgk muka aku yg penuh dgn pengharapan.

haish, kalau nak imbas kenangan kau dan aku, memang byk lah walaupun semenjak kita habis SPM kita dah jarang jumpa sebab kau sibuk kerja dan aku sibuk tanam anggur. masa kita sama sama masuk U, dah memang jarang kita hangout. kita just update each other kat YM dgn SMS-ing je kan. skrg aku nya phone dah boleh accept MMS tp syg kau dah jauh. email lah jwpnya.

ohh incik meatball, aku rindu kau :'(

p/s : incik meatball adalah kwn lelaki sy yg paling baik. kami dah kenal each other lama dah tp sy tak suka nak mention bout him sbb sy rasa dia hawt!! ahahah


So far away

you're so far away
so far away from entire families
so far away from entire friends
i can't believe you're not with us anymore

can you imagined how terrible my life without you
a friend who always be there for me
a friend who always want the best for me
a friend who always lend his hand for helping me
and a friend who would not easy to say NO

i know this is what you wanted
i know this is what you dream of
away from us to make your wish come true
you're making the right decision
you're taking the right path
yeah, for the next 5 years

we never been separated before
i mean, so far away
and now it happen
nothing more that i can say
because it's really hard to let go
such a lovely friend like you
deep inside, i know you miss me too

p/s : am missing u, NA. cpt lah pulang ke malaysia (padahal br bape bln kau terbang kan).


Oppss, I did it again!!

and again.
am falling into a friend of my friend.
different age, different religion, different course.


Minggu yg dah tak berapa sibuk

hello, i'm back :)) haah, lega bila one by one course work dah siap dah mula di submit. now tinggal course work for business marketing.

oh yah, ari nih bump phat. ohh, lama sudah tak jumpa beliau :P nampaknya, tinggal kami berdua je lah now. nak meronggeng pun berdua, i guess.

semalam, eh eh bukan. mlm td mimpi yg pelik tp a bit fun. org kata mimpi tuh kan mainan tidur so don't bother lah *winkwink*

minggu nih HOTEL MANIA kt tv3 akan mula bersiaran. heee, tak sabar nak tgk sbb nih 1st time kot malaysia keluar dgn citer drama muzikal. plus, ramai artis dari AF. weeee, mesti best kan??