Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.


Happy birthday sayang

okay, ini entry yg terakhir utk hari nih.

happy birthday to my dearest baby.

zulikha ellani ruslan :-)

yeay, kamu dah sama umur dgn saya okay.
so dah x boleh nak cakap saya tua.
ahahah :D

ily, sayang :-)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

from bottom of my heart.
forgive me if i had made any mistakes.
happy eidadha, everyone.

kampung :-)

happy eidadha to you :-)

cousin :-)

umur kami x jauh beza so kami bagai tahi dan lalat :-)

don't give her camera, she will snap without know what is tired means, that is shaqinah :-)

OMG, Jacob Black!!

been watching NEW MOON on thursday midnight.
with hana, phat, syuk and pooi kuan.
totally satisfied with the movie!!
it worth wait till midnight to watch it.
jacob damn hot with his SIX PACK *amek kau!!*
but but, edward is still hot the most :-)


Happy birthday, Siti Fannie!!

happy 19th birthday to you!!
may God bless you.
Always be a good girl, okay.

bday girl

surprise for her :P

we give her a blast :P



Nih list yg supposed i'm doin this time:

1. STUDY!!
2. start packing, goin back damansara
3. do corporate finance's homework
4. go bath

But but, i'm too lazy to do it. Ahahah!! Even mandi pun ak malas. So, you can see how lazy i am. :)


Bangsar and Keramat

Just back from bangsar and keramat.
Window shopping and having dinner.
With beloved housemate, fannie and pooi kuan.
Also, with my classmate, shee ye.
Totally full!!



dinner of the night

i'm fat day by day. thx!!

control, ahahah

uncontrol, eheheh

shee yee

no comment :)

after dinner



2012 day

Hye hye. I know it's a bit late but okay what?? Better late than never, right?? Have been watch that movie with my classmate, Natiya, Kogila and Isnah. Had fun with them. ^_^

The show start at 2.15pm and we bought the tickets at 1pm so we decided go for our lunch at theNews cafe, OU. Urm, at the morning, i took too much breakfast so ofcoz i'm still full but for x menghampakan them, i order roti bakar and yes, that's for my lunch.

After taking our lunch, we straight heading to the cinema. Unfortunately, it's still early and we have to wait for all the patrons to settle down and waiting for the show to begin.

So overall, the movie was okay je. Not really like what i'm expected. Maybe my expetation is to high for this movie kot. But, still worth lah i spend my money for that movie. Insaf sekejap je after watch it!!

Okaylah, wanna go out for dinner at Keramat. But before that will be heading to Bangsar. See yah!!

natiya with her nasi paprik

kogila with her nasi goreng pataya

isnah with her asam laksa

and me, roti bakar :)


Happy belated birthday

Hye hye.
Yesterday was my schoolmate's bday.
And i'm the third person who wish to them.
So, today with big smile on my face.
I would like to wish again...

happy belated bday, biha and zira!!


Hello Monday!!

Hye hye. Class as usual. After class, hangout with beloved housemate. Ahahah, had much fun with them eventho hati x pulih seperti sedia kala. Still can feel the pain. Okay lah, it's time for me to study. Exam just around the corner. ^_*

fannie :)

me and pooi kuan :)


Awesome Sunday

Hye hye.
I meet my bestfriends today.
I love them!!
Well, i had so much fun!!
Ofcoz lah kan.

i love them!! :D


Fundamental of Management

hye hye.
i'm so lazy to write.
so, enjoy the pix taken during FOM presentation.

location : segi university college.


My Monday

Hye hey. today is monday and having my buyer behavior class yg sgt lah boring!! Feel sleepy coz last nite i'm watching football. MU kalah beb!! Mcm sial lah, buat penat mata dgn badan ak je p tgk. Dah lah p tgk kt mamak. Then, heading to uptown damansara. Carik stuff sikit and at 2.30 am, i'm off to bed.

Okay, after class having lunch at restaurant sari ratu nasi padang. I just ate bergedel, still full coz i'm taking heavy breakfast. :) Ohh yah, the avocado was awesome!! I like!!


gulai ikan tenggiri and ayam gordng plus sambal merah

Then, around 3.30pm i'm heading to OU. Ahahah, gilew lah!! Shopping sakan. I bought new vincci sunglasses. Just love it, dunno why. ^_* Then, i bought new goggles tshirt and formal wear. Murah beb!! Rembatlah tp syg budget dah low gilew bagai. Adoih!! T_T I need more money!! Can't stop myself from purchasing stuff.



Hye hye. Happy sunday everyone!! Yeah, semangat nih *yelah, jap lg nak p bantai lauk kenduri semalam* ^_^

Okay, lupakan tentang itu. Nak cerita, malam td i'm goin back to daddy's hometown *kuala selangor* and meet my sarawakian's relative. Fyi, my uncle and anut this yr dpt pergi buat haji and my aunt nih org sarawak so ofcoz lah her sibling dtgkan.

Lama sudah x jumpa mereka especially si haziq. Omg haziq, awk makin handsome lah. Lain sgt dari last time kita jumpa. Mcm harry potter nye pelakon dah ira tgk. Ehehe :D Yg x bestnya, ira x sempat nak sembang lama lama dgn haziq. Ira sibuk tolong kat dapur tuh. Yelah, haziq kan tetamu. Eh eh, tetamu ke?? Padahal sedara gak. Hakhak. X pe lah haziq, nanti kita jumpa lagi kita sembang sampai lebam yah. Lagipun, haziq study kat KL kan. Bila free, kita jumpa okay and pass my pix yg kat cellphone haziq tuh yah. ^_^

Now, lupakan tentang haziq yg handsome tuh. Kenduri berjalan dgn lancar. Alhamdulillah. Almaklumlah, my cousins ramai yg ringan tulang. Nama pun keluarga hajah bayinah. ^_* Tp yg x bestnya, ramai lagi cousin yg x dtg. Walaubagaimanapun, i enjoy last nite coz n9 mng!! Eventho, i'm not n9's supporter. Eheheh.

Okaylah, nak p mkn. Here some of the pix's:

amboi, sedapnya!!
abah is showing to some sarawak's relative how to bungkus the nasi ambeng.
this is what i miss most!! sitting together and enjoying the nasi ambeng among us. ohh T_T
syafiqah - kak ani - baby kaseh
uncle hanif - baby najah - aunt syafiqah *hanif and najah are twins in our big family*
3 of us!!

p/s : sorry for the low camera quality. and more pix wanna upload but enough lah. penat sudah. also, sorry x de pix haziq yg handsome tuh. T_T


Not really in mood

Hye hye, first of all i'm in my down mood. This time, really down. Hard for me to accept the fact. The fact that i'm already expect. Is true sim is date with that girl. A girl that kononnya his "bestfriend". Damnit lah!! And what hurts the most is, she is my ex-classmate. I don't know what to say. Please don't ask me, friends. I know y'all don't want to see the tears rolling down to my face. I know y'all try to cheer me up. I really appreciate it. Just gimme time. I'll be fine. I promise. ^_*

Okay, enough bout that. I'll heading to my daddy's hometown for makan makan kenduri soon. Yeay, love it!! ^_^ Any pix will be uplaod later. And now, i'm off. Wanna get ready for it. See u'all soon!! ^_^


Saturday and Sunday

Hey hey. Today is sunday. Yeah! I think, this weekend is first time i didn't go back to beloved bandar halaman. I mean, after a few month.

Yesterday was awesome!! First, i went to pratha in front of e-curve. Lapar siot!! I ate pratha black pepper beef. Okay lah, first time ate it. Not bad. ^_^ Then we * i mean hana and i* continue ate at kfc tesco. Wah, this time i just company hana ate. Dia hungry sgt sgt!! *tp ak pun tumpang sekaki* ^_*

Alang alang dah kat tesco, pe lagi. Eheheh. :) Mcm mcm lah yg ak beli tp yg paling ak geram is, sabun cuci baju ak x de!! Yg de just 5 kg. Gilew pe ak nak mengangkutnye? Imagine lah if i bought the 5 kg one and we park at e-curve, how long we need to reach at car from tesco? Hish, really make me pissed off!!

Okay, don't want talk bout that anymore. After shopping at tesco we heading to ikano and i bought 2 tshirts for myself as reward a month x keluar shopping. And then fetch phat syg. Know what, she brings along her sista and bro yah. So cute both of them!! *hana and haris, kak azie started love you guys!!* Then we heading to e-curve back coz we wanna watch movie. Its a cortoon movie *maklumlah, tgk dgn budak budak*, meatball pe ntah. Panjang sgt tajuknye. ^_* But the movie best!! Gelak gelak ak dlm panggung tuh. Yg mamat sblh ak plak, menggatal. Saje suka suki nak berlaga lengan dgn ak. But, don't mind lah. :)

Mlmnye plak, hana and i heading to bangsar to fetch her friends then go to phat daddy's house at andalusia, pantai dalam. This is my second time go there. And i like it!! And then, we went to idaman, mutiara damansara having our dinner. And for the very first time i try something new in mylife. Phat, thx for introduce it to me. What is that? Let just both of us know. But, for sure i started like it!! :)

Today which is sunday, i just stay at home. Relax time and try to finish my assignment but x akan habis sebab ak dah online :) Then at 6 pm, goin down jln jln. Teman housemate yg dah gilew dok rumah katanya but unfortunetely hujan. :) The rest, do lundry and iron all my shirts and also prepare for tomorrow class. Urgh, malasnya!!!

p/s: sorry, x de pix terlupa nak ambil. eheheh :)