Sometimes you just can’t tell anybody how much you really feel, not because you don’t know why, not because you don’t know your purpose, not because you don’t trust them. But because you never really find the right words to make them understand. And sometimes, the one who seems the strongest, is the one who is in most need of a hug.


Totally addicted

To whoever had facebook and play this game, must know rite??
And i'm addicted to it!!

Can't stop from play it even though assignment is chasing me. ^_*

kiki's garden

kiki's visited one of her friend ^_^


Mcd week

Hye hye. Just wanna share, i'm ate mcd 4 times in a week! Can you imagine that?? And i'm having my breakfast this morning at mcd subang with my beloved family. Haiyo, macam mana nak kurus nih? Asyik makan fast food je. T_T

apple pie!!

that apple pie is too delicious, right mak?? :P

trust me, he can telan your food if you can't finish it :P

Ohh yah, my islamic studies presentation yang supposed on last thursday has been postposed!! Whtthefish lah wei!! Dah gilew semangat dowh!! *geram*

group member :)


Again and again and again!!

Same shit happen again.
Its like u cut my heart into a pieces.
Better u just throw it away so i'm not gonna feel it.
Why must this shit happen to me??
Ohh God!!


Bergelak sakan untuk memulihkan hati

Still feel down. But blog will be update as usual.
Bergelak sakan bersama housemate hanya mahu menghilangkan rasa hati.
Sesungguhnya gelak itu penawar kedukaan *ceh, jiwang betul!!*
Assignment still on the way.
Satu dah siap. Selebihnya nyawa nyawa ikan lagi.
Touch this one, wanna do that one.
Plus, this thursday, presentation.
Goin to class with panda eyes. T_T

beloved roomate :D

beloved housemate :D

us. just ignore my face :D


Officially 30th babeh

Hey hey. Today is officially the last day or 30th day of eid mubarak. And i'm spending it at college with tons of assignment. T_T

And, i'm feel nervous now. He sitting not to far from me *we are in college library*. Eventho hati dah hancur lebur like di blender.

I'm still love you lah, sim!!



Unstable mood

Hye hey, nih entry yang kedua buat hari nih. Mungkin hari nih blog ak kelihatanlain sedikit. Mungkin byk entry yg akn ak post kerana ak byk cerita yg nak share.

First of all, ak nak wish kat friend yang amat memahami *eventho always kutuk mata ak yg sepet nih*

happy belated 19th birthday to my sayang.
nuruljannah amir.

i love you, adik ^_^

Second, finally i know my mr sim is still single and available.
Weehuuu, confirm x boleh tidur mlm nanti.
Sangat suka dgn perasaan nih *terpaksa control senyuman krn di college*
I love you lah, friend yg give me this info.
It's really help ^_^

Broadband vs college wifi vs homie wifi

broadband --> quite okay.

college wifi --> L.O.S.E.R gilew. Lembab nak mampus!!

homie wifi --> i loike!!

current mood --> pissed off


Kak Fara's big day

Tahniah kak FARA dan abg ANUAR. Semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu. Cepat, iera *which is me* dah x sabar nak dpt ank buah baru. ^_^

Nikah night pix :

bride's room




cousin's again

kak fara's side

abg nuar's side

Khatam Quran( morning) :

kak fara with her anak - anak buah *syg alang ^_^*

The wedding day :

the bride's :D

flower girl's and boy's

kak fara

me :D

just love it!!

pix's during engagement day ^_^

p/s : teringat pulak dkt mr sim ku. kita kawen jom, sim?? ohh yah, de yg bertanya. adakah sim itu classmate ak time skol or college. the answer is, time skol. ahahah


Pretty fucking assignment

Hey, i've 7 assigment *eventho i just take 6 subjects for this sem* plus the presention to be done. Haiyo!!

BUYER BEHAVIOR - mr steven ng *which is i don't even like him, sorry sir*
ISLAMIC STUDIES - ustaz abdul rahman

Goin to class with panda eyes. All because of this fucking assignment and presentation. *sigh* T_T


I think I'm falling for him :)

First of all, ak nak wish,

happy 19th birthday to pooi kuan :D

Okay back to story, after a year, finally ak dpt gak lupakan ex-bf ak tuh. Eventho not fully but at least dah x de termimpi mimpikannya lagi, bangun tgh mlm dan menangis mengenangkannya yg jauh di mata dan sudah menemui teman baru.

And and now i think i'm fall in love again. Falling to my own classmate. A chinese guy. Ohh, its beautiful feeling. I like it!! But but, he doesn't know i'm like him. *scared ohh* LOL!!

So, Mr Sim. I hope you know yah. I'm falling for you!! :D *masih terbayang bayang muka Mr Sim ku*

p/s : melayan lagu falling for you by colbie caillat. sgt best dan di tujukan kpd Mr Sim. ^_*


Pantai Dalam, Ikea, Giant Kota Damansara, Shah Alam


2 oct - class on 2.15 pm until 4.45 pm but my lec have to attend a meeting so we can go back early. In the same time she gave us some work to be done before we're leaving. So, my friends and i went to library and find the information until 4 something then we're leaving.

At 6 pm, my roomate called me because we've got a plan. We want to go to Ikea and bought some furniture. But, we went to farah's first then went to phat daddy's house at pantai dalam. Her dad is having raya open house. The food?? Awesome!! I like the satay. Rasa all the rempah rempah. Sedap okay!! *i'll try my best to get the pix that was taken on that day, it's at phat daddy's DSLR*

Okay, at 8 pm we heading to ikea. They having sales now but not too much lah. X best!! I just bought 2 things which is for my bedroom at shah alam. My roomate, hanna bought a lot of things for herself and her family especially for baby marissa. :)

Then, we're heading to giant kota damasara. She still not satisfied with ikea's stuff actually because she can't find what exactly she want. Pusing pusing like org gile still nobody serve us. Malang sungguh. T_T About an hour kot we're in giant then around 11 pm something gwentback. Tired. And its time to sleep.

at ikea :D


3 oct - Wakeup at 7 am something *actually terover sleep*. Okay, lupakan pasal itu. ^_* Packing some stuff and then get ready to go back to shah alam. Wehuuu. But before that, singgah jap mcd section 6, kota damansara bought hanna's breakfast then heading to shah alam. Yeah. Thank you hanna for sending me back, love you!! *fyi, she never send me back, okay* ^_^

And now, i'm homie babeh!! Doing assignment yg entah bila akan finish. Adoih.

both of us never wear scarf together and this is our first pix wearing scarf together.
*sbnrnya, saja saja pakai*


5 days

It's been 5 days I'm in damansara. So far, okay lagi. Eventho i miss my bedroom badly. I miss my baby streamyx. Berukband is not giving me chance to smile a lot. Connection is like hell. Haiyo!!

But but, i've been given a ton of assignments that must be done in a month. Whtthefish!! Nak pegi open house lah!! Okay, the subjects is not very easy. 6 subjects in one sem?? Hell yeah, i love you whoever arrange all the subjects. *sambil buat muka annoyink* And plus the presentation. Adoih!!

This situation is remind me of my very first sem. 6 subjects too but the diff is one or two presentation only. I'm telling you, this sem is totally killing me. 4 subjects about management. Omg!!

And, my down time is coming. When u're in trouble, pandai carik ak. *sigh* I hate you, friend!! *geram*

Dear friend, dulu we used to be like this kan?? I miss everything bout you. The way we express our feeling. The coke that we shared together. The joke that we make and laugh at. You willing company me to get all things that i'm craving for. Ohh, how i miss that. And now i feel like i'm gonna to lose you in a short time. I miss you friend. :(